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Approaching the magnificent asteroid – NASA calls the possible date of the attack

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According to the US space agency NASA, a large asteroid is approaching the country at a fast pace and could hit in just a few years, according to the British daily Daily Star.

Currently, the asteroid flies through the universe to more than 54,466,000 kilometers per hour and, according to NASA's calculations, could hit the Earth in about five years.

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A large stone with the identification of 2018 LF16, over 200 meters in length and the destructive power of 50 MW TNT, was last seen on June 16 this year.

If an asteroid could come dangerously close to the earth, it's hard to predict because it has 62 potential trajectories, say the Daily Star.

Astronomers were named August 8, 2023, August 3, 2024, and August 1, 2025, as a possible weather influence.

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However, the probability of impact should be from 30 million to one.

According to its own data, NASA will continue to observe the immense celestial body.

The last known asteroid explosion in 1908 over Tunguska in Siberia is considered to be the largest asteroid on the Earth's surface or in the vicinity of the Earth in modern history.

The explosion caused a huge explosion that destroyed more than 80 million trees on an area of ​​2150 square kilometers.

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