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Cave of lions: "Cave of lions": This is about monks and moon

All the investments in the new episode of the "Caves of the Astars". It's about God and the world, and about the moles.

The latest episodes of "Lviv Cave" will start without harm: Lisa Jedlyski (25) and Anna-Alexey Hoffman (28) Walkie App
– Gassigeh program for simplifying life for dog owners. About 20% of the company's shares are needed for 300,000 euros. The idea of ​​everything is: Write a booklet "Gassierge" for your dog, and then follow the App.

The "good idea", the dog's owner, Dagmar Vyurl (64). But dogs are like children, they do not want to trust everyone. Other lions are more interested in numbers. Until now, two founders can read the five-day 'Entertainment' book. Five. "Numbers are harsh," says Karsten Masheimer (59). Frank Tennen (43) has suited – and other lions want to go with their dogs. The application was not provided with any consent.

There are many cave "Lions Caves" here

Battle between Wohr and Williams

The next founder – Ralph Ex (47) and Hamburg. Likewise, he eventually helps his dealings. With CAPS Air, he has come up with a hanger that can be filling with capsule burning. For Nespresso Closet, say. He wants to receive 20,000 euros for 200,000 euros. However, Karsten Masheimer announces his first suspicion that his capsule will be sold for 30 euros in the package. She used lavender bags for mold control, which was much cheaper.

However, Tlenen does not see added value, and real Irrigation between Judith Williams (46) and Dagmar Wyurl: "It's not a helmet for women," says Wurl. "Yes," Judith Williams replied. Verkhil: "No, it's too frosty." Williams: "I have such sticky". Wyurl also said, "Now let me finish it," says Williams. "Well, you are a specialist." Although Williams used these straps, he did not have any consent.

Ralph and Ralph remain together

Other than Ralph Dummel (51): "If Ralph tells Ralph Hamburg from € 30 per person, we have a deal". Maschmeer and Mashemeier will be equal in accordance with the slogan: "There is no slaughter". "Your Wonderful Moment," Judith Williams can not be objectionable as an explanation.

The founders Benjamin Kremer (28) and Noel Bollman (25) hope for their exciting moments. All their money and two of their parents stopped at YFood with healthy liquid food. They want to see 200,000 euros for 10 percent of the company's shares. Since they are three tastes lower than the "Threshold Threshold" of three euros, their drinks cost 2.99 euros. Masheemer does not like her, she does not. Even though it finds a good foundation and product, it offers up to 200,000 in 20 per cent. Wöhrl and Dümmel want to participate, but the founders consider Thelen as "very joyful".

In a comfy invention, the spouse goes for a sailing

Monika Steidl (54) and Markus Kubitschek (46), Simbach am Inn, a companion inventor, offer themselves in a double package. They invented Swimming Athlete
and 20% of the shares require 160,000 euros. Their invention allows them to swim in even smaller pools. Carsten Maschmeyer does not like to keep track, Tennen does not care, but Dummel has a connection to the sea and works with a "pool athlete." In the end, it depends on the feelings of the intestines, but decides on it. "Man is so cute," everyone finds a pair, but without going to a deal, he goes to both houses.

Physiotherapist is much better for Sabine Crocker and her husband Jens. There is Sabin «Aktimed»
developed a kinesisite tape enriched with active ingredients. For example, cervical cancer can be treated. 150,000 euros for 10 per cent of the company's shares Sabine wants to work for her lion's life. Carsten Maschmeyer about himself: "I know the drivers and players of Formula 1". Together with Ralph Dilmmel, he offers € 150,000 in 25% – the deal is packed in bags.

"Can I go hunting if I do not invest?"

There are recent investments. Jürgen Hartwig (63) and Wolfgang Strablow (64) present the "Darguner Sauce", which is purified from the vinegar extract Mönchskutten. They want 20 thousand euros for 20% of the shares. Two types: apple vinegar with yellow or white or red wine. Although popular sauces are very sweet, the lion is good taste. In this case, the lions found the founders far more interesting than the product, and realized they did not have real monks.

"I thought, O my God, if I tell you not to invest, will I go to the yard?" Karsten Masheimer is a musical. With all care, sauce is too sweet to her and she goes out. For Tennell everything was wild, Dmmel praised the successful PR, and so on. George Coffler (61) has a "tense" relationship with church. "Oh," he thought. Douglas Wurl suggests to be in the temple once a year, but can not find a healthy investor.

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