Saturday , February 27 2021

Cologne poll: bomb blast rejected – 10,000 inhabitants Cologne can return to their homes

A poll in Cologne

What kind of patience game for thousands of people and hundreds of emergency services: On a property at Siegburger Strasse 504 in Cologne-Poll, a bomb of 20 Centers from World War II was knocked down in the night of Thursday. The disposal service of the killers reported successfully at around 2:24 a night. The radius of evacuation around the location of the American bomb was 1000 meters.

The use of the fire brigade, security service, aid organization, police and explosives takes place since Wednesday afternoon – about 10,000 inhabitants in Cologne had to leave their homes after unexploded ordnance was discovered at around 2:30 pm. Among other things, prison houses and refugee housing were caught. Not long after midnight, A4 was closed between the Gremberg and Cologne crosses, also with the KVB 7 line, there were significant restrictions.

Open beds for families and children

Hundreds of rescue teams pulled out people from their homes, making the job very difficult – also because people refused to leave their homes voluntarily. In addition, many sick and elderly people had to be taken out of their homes and apartments. So, soon after 1 hour, three people had to be taken out of the evacuation zone. As a result, discarded ones have been delayed for almost two hours.

The city has established three contact points for victims: the Warden Mudra in Westhoven, the special school on the Alter Mühlenweg street in Deutz and the Cologne-Deutz Municipal High School. The inhabitants and residents could report there. They were delivered with drinks and snacks. More than 1000 people gathered in three places. There are 20 camps for families and children in the Mudra barracks. (R KU)

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