Thursday , February 25 2021

"Farmer asks for his wife" -Daddy: shock photo! Appears after a risk operation

It was clear that her last operation would not be a minor intervention. But the picture that the candidate "Bauer tactt Frau" Nadine is now sharing on Instagram is not really a weakness.

For weeks, fans are worried about a farm candidate looking for Nadine Morath. After losing 90 kilograms thanks to the railway bypass, she had to undergo further surgery due to complications – the most recent is the risk operation last week.

And it was not as planned: "He had to be open during surgery. Intestinal injury, internal bleeding, intense care, circulatory collapse, missed. I took everything, but it will be," he explained to fans a few days ago.

Bauer Gerald also had health problems – now he feels better and could even say to his Anini another time. Their beautiful wedding dress from Namibia is shown below in the video.

A huge wound can be seen

Nadine has shown to her followers the shocking result of a tough procedure for the first time: a huge tissue cutting, which holds together a number of clamps.

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