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Helen Fischer: Naked shock! Helen's fans worry

Fans Helen Fischer Must be strong in the coming weeks and months: After the marathon of the tour, the pop singer will not be on stage again. Only specific: The Show Ellen Fisher Will be held on 7 and 8 December 2018 in Düsseldorf. However, anyone who does not want to abandon the singer speaks in his current "DVD movie" "Helene Fischer Live-Die Arena-Tournee" – or cheap, Instagram and Facebook.

Helen Fischer takes pictures of his fans. He recently worked very secretly, at the moment there is something in their eyes for their fans – but they do not look like what they see.

Helene Fischer in Instagram does not wear lace and "mega hot"

"If it's too light on November days, then leave it a little spark," says Helle in Instagram, "wherever you are." Accordingly, she has an image of a wild dummy in a wild skirt and a birth lying elevator. The heavenly view is their admiration. "Beautiful Woman", "Sparkling Princess", "Wife Wife", "Beautiful Snow" or just Mega-hot – these are opinions.

Too thin? Fanatics are concerned about Helen Fischer

However, they are not at all positive. It's a completely different thing. Instead of praising words, they are criticized. "You are too thick, you can not eat too much", "Very Dry Ideas in Kids" or "The picture is beautiful, you are a great woman, but you can read a few more kilograms of" easy "on the wall. But other fans protect her idols: "Oh, you know how much weighing it, not just because people do not watch, they do not mean that they are too little or nothing."

Helen Fischer sparkles beautifully: shine – it is considered!

Helen has had physical limitations for his concerts in the past six months, and is not something new and more sported and well trained. Famous ladies in social networks are not new to dealing with challenges facing their figures. Although Beatrice Egli is too careful, Lena Meyer Landourt is too thin for some fans. How delighted Helen was for his enthusiasm for most of her fans. After all, it may be because of their loyalty, or as one of their fans: "You are the light of my life!" – "You shine in my life!"

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