Saturday , July 24 2021

Johann König In the wake of the terrorist acts in Dawsburg,

In the video, comic John Kennig is pleased with the antiterrorist barriers. Duisburg is opposed to knowledge and local knowledge.

The comedian Johann König is pleased with Duisburg. Specifically, the new Schutz-Pöller, built on the entrance to Königstraße and providing protection for its customers. On Saturday, he premiered his premiere with a new show called "Melodrama, Mystery, Stupidity". After that, he walked through a number of nightclubs and found two obstacles in front of two anti-terrorist hurdles near the Cuencourt Elex Königstraße. The 40 seconds video on the Facebook page indicates this discovery.

"There are antiterrorist posters in Duisburg, about 600 steel, and if you do not want to go here, get this sign and go here." The Camera Ships and Johann König say, "This is a wall against terrorism, but you can walk further here." Then shake the path mark and write "This can do two fingers" and then the recording stops.

You are curious about the Duisburg press office. Because the road sign is first and foremost intended. The ice rink in the Christmas market is immediately behind. Vacancies remained open due to construction work, said spokesman Peter Hilbrenders. Upon completion of the building, the vacancies will be covered with cooling equipment. End of history.

According to Johan King's Facebook, there are many annoying comments that are considered "typical" containers of "ice rinks" and so on. Only then does the hedge occur. First, make smart, then cried ", writes Mathel Bout.

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