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Leroy Sané / Bayern Transfer still possible – Matthew orders FCB fans

Bayern Munich and Leroy Sané – is the transfer still working? The City player fails with a tear of a torn ligament. But it doesn't have to mean much.

  • Bayern Munich continues to promote Leroy Sané's services.
  • The German international is still tied to Manchester City until 2021.
  • For months, back and forth Both cities have been wanting a 23-year-old.
  • However, Leroy Sané twisted his knee into the community shield.
  • Due to a cruciate ligament injury, Sané must be operated on.
  • You can find all the recent events around Sané here.
  • Update on August 13, 3:10 pm: After a fixed change from Ivan Perisic to FC Bayern Munich, it is possible to transfer Leroy Sané to the championship record more than ever. Is the Croat a substitute transfer for the Manchester City wing?

    Perisic, whose last number is already known in Bayern and first spoke to a Bayern player at a press conference on Wednesday, has been loaned by Inter for just one year. This means that financial risk is managed. There is still a possibility of a transfer of Sané, which will be operated later this week.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern? Lothar Matthäus with a clear message

    This is the opinion of both TV expert and legendary Lothar Matthäus – who, ironically, even moved to Munich with a fractured ligament rupture. In 1992, being injured as an Inter Milan player against Parma was severe, followed by a summer of changes to Isar and a brutal rebuilding program. In his column at the sky he writes: "If you can trust someone to get a player anyway, show him as much as you want him, reviving him with the great Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt helps, and then he has a fantastic player for years, then FC Bayern."

    For the first round, Perisic would serve you well as a reserve wing, and in the spring, when it comes to a crucial stage of the season, you could bet on a fit Sané at best. I: Maybe even the transfer fee can go down. Matthäus adds: “In addition, I think Bayern will also get one or two players. The Borussia midfielder Menhengladbach is also obviously on Bayern's list. Nonetheless, what do you think of Bayern's transfers and the associated business of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic? Voice!

    Injured by Leroy Sané, FCB brings in other players: New details have been revealed on the mega-transfer

    Update on August 12, 7.13pm: If Causa were around FC Bayern Munich and Leroy Sané a movie, then that extra length would have been aired or in several parts. If it were a series, the season finale would wait until September 2 at the latest. With a sequel?

    Because: The obligation of an outside striker could be extended even longer than the fans want. how picture now writes, Bayern bosses should continue to make efforts. However, the paper also says that the transfer is likely to be realistic by the 2020/21 season. There is no great information for the hopes of Bayern fans. Even if Sané doesn't stop for now, the commitment to knowing that he can help in the second half of the season would surely appease the fans.

    According to a media report, the reputation of Bayern bosses should not be that great. The agent was supposed to advise his star player on changing the route of Säbener * – because of Hoeneß and Rummenigge?

    In the first round of the DFB Cup, FC Bayern Munich must face Energie Cottbus on Monday, August 12th. You can follow the match at

    Injured Leroy Sané, FCB brings other players: Is the transfer now off the table?

    Update as of August 11, 10:00 am: FC Bayern Munich commit to tz-infos Ivan Perisic. The Croat should borrow and move from Inter to Säbener.

    Is he an alternative to Leroy Sané or is he a replacement? With the Bayern Munich loan, it was by no means a risk. Still, many fans would still want a city player transfer.

    By September 2, the FCB can still reach the transfer market. The rumor mill stays hot.

    FC Bayern player eager Leroy Sané injured: Salihamidzic with radical statement

    Update 12:55: There are still speculations about Leroy Sané's possible transfer to Bayern. However, knee surgery is likely to end the bill. Now sports director Hasan Salihamidzic has commented on the swirl around the German striker. He admits to the mistakes of the FCB, like picture reported.

    Even during the big team party at Lake Tegernsee – Uli Hoeness was invited – Brazzo was "hit" by the whirlwind of the transfer.

    “Of course, you have to apologize to Manchester City, now all the time around the players (Leroy Sané, editor's note) it was spoken. Since we are all well advised not to talk about it anymore, but simply from the outside and to maintain inner peace, "the 42-year-old boldly admits. It is essential," that no one talks about any player who has a contract with another club. " he emphasizes.

    Asked by a reporter if he thinks so because he fears the transfer of Sané, Salihamidžić replies: “As I said, I will not comment on this story. Please understand. "FCB circles will therefore no longer lose publicity about Sané – so at least the athletic director.

    Leroy Sané: Injured FC Bayern player injured – spicy information leaked that provides bitter discussions

    Update as of August 10, 11:02 am: That Guardiola has obviously taken advantage of the player in all ways, now provides cheering anger. Revelation picture (see below) has initiated heated discussions under the corresponding Facebook post. "It proves once again that it only burns players!", A fan writes about Guardiola.

    But Pep Guardiola is mostly taken for protection. "What nonsense. Could this happen at any training, "" Bayern is guilty, not Guardiola "and" seriously, at the time he was a Man City player why shouldn't Pep put him that way? ", Are further reactions.

    Another football fan summarized: "Well, dear Bayern, who arrives too late is punished with a god's cruciate ligament injury."

    The theme separates fans in such a way that terms like "Butterburne" and "Go on eyebrow pluck and nerves not me" fall.

    The fact is: Leroy Sané is injured – and everyone is staring at the pipe.

    Leroy Sane to Bayern? Spicy information leaked

    Update as of August 9, 4.11pm: Had he gone to Bayern, Leroy Sané would have taken over in the protective company of his Manchester City club against Liverpool, probably just the role of the audience. in picture wants to learn from club circles that the Reds leaders were hoping that the alleged player who wanted to land a fatal mission.

    However, the bill was obviously made without Pep Guardiola. The manager of the English champion team voiced power and Sané was selected as a key player in the first competitive game of the season. As the newspaper continues to report, Bayern bosses are now in doubt and thinking about the transmission distance.

    Update on August 9, 3:14 pm: After winning the Community Shield, Manchester City and coach Pep Guardiola face tomorrow's first competitive match of the upcoming Premier League season. At a news conference, the city coach expressed himself, among other things, to Leroy Sané's staff.

    Asked whether a change to Bayern Munich would not be due to a serious injury, Guardiola made it clear: "I never thought it would ever change. The player never came to me and also did not make a request for a change. That's why it's always for me was one of the players, and was on the regular team in all games preparing for the season and in the Community Shield game. "

    Leroy Sané "will be out in six to eight months" – Gündogan as a potential replacement

    "Leroy is expected to be out six to eight months. ManCity's coach commented bitterly." But at the same time, he realizes he is in good hands with surgery next week. Everyone here will help him, make him feel comfortable here and we will be with him as best we can and help him in rehabilitation. "

    Guardiola Ilkay Gündogan, who only made headlines with a contract extension to 2023 on Citizens, could be accepted as a possible Sané alternative.

    Leroy Sané: His first reaction after a knee injury – a transfer before the end?

    Update as of August 9, 11:35 am: Crucial ligament injuries in Leroy Sané – Manchester City, Bayern and of course the national team are shocking. Now, for the first time in a long time, the 23-year-old is hearing about himself – via Instagram.

    There, Sané realized numerous wishes for his city's recovery colleagues. Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus and David Silva, respectively, wished them well. Also a message came from Bayern – Jerome Boateng posted a picture on his profile that read, "Unfortunately, it's part of our professional life. I'm 100 percent confident you will come back stronger, brother. Turn around soon!"

    Sané collected all this news in his Instagram story and thanked him for his well wishes.

    Jerome Boateng sent Leroy Sané wishes for recovery.

    The former Schalke will have to undergo knee surgery soon. It will be months before Sané can spin around the square again. Which club will he do it for? It is still unclear whether Bayern will continue to seek a transfer. The list of possible alternatives is long. Hakim Ziyech is after that tz *Information as a first option. With that said, Steven Bergwijn and personality Timo Werner should be hot again. Or is there an agreement with Philippe Coutinho? Meanwhile, he is even traded to the former Bundesliga star. There are also several free transfer players.

    Meanwhile, in the German football world, band leader Schalke 04 has caused a stir. Now Jan Leyk is commenting on the Tönnies scandal.

    Operated by Leroy Sané: Salihamidzic Comments – These are transfer alternatives

    Update on August 9, 7:10 am: What’s next with Leroy Sané? In Bayern, after all, you should be shocked if you want to transfer a record champion before surgery. Diagnosis: tear of the cruciate ligament.

    Sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic has already expressed himself at training camp at Tegernsee and has sent his wishes for recovery to Manchester (see below in the article). No matter how FC Bayern deals with Sané now – you'll need to look elsewhere for an immediate boost.

    Video: Desired candidate Sané has been out for months

    Update on August 8, 10:04 pm: Will Bayern buy Leroy Sané despite his injury? by picture– Information in Munich currently doubts whether the transfer would make sense.

    Immediately after the Bayern test against Rottach-Egern, Hasan Salihamidzic said: "We do not comment on the transfer case. But of course I am sad and very sorry that Leroy got badly injured in the game against Liverpool and I wish him a speedy recovery. When asked if Bayern still interested in the transfer, Brazzo said, "I hope you all can understand that we will not comment on that."

    Leroy Sané with ligament cross tear: Is Bayern looking for an alternative?

    Update on August 8, 8:47 pm: What’s next with Leroy Sané from FC Bayern’s perspective? Are you still getting an injured city star or are you taking a break from the change? Either way, the FCB now needs some extra boost on the wings. In the meantime, those responsible already have a longer list at hand. Ajax Amsterdam's Hakim Ziyech is the most popular Sané alternative. According to tz *, Ziyech is considered the first alternative for Sané internally at FCB. Also, Steven Bergwyn's PSV staff is currently boiling over. Munich already saw him last year.

    And another transfer rumor could be hot again: Timo Werner. Last time, it looked like FCB would wait until Werner could get a free transfer to Isar in the summer of 2020. However, this attitude could change quickly in the current situation. Nearly 60 million are in the room as a transfer.

    Decisive now could be the assessment of Bayern's Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt. With City announcing Sané's diagnosis and information about his OP, doc FCB could decide whether the commitment of DFB players makes sense despite the injury. For example, because he could expertly estimate how long Sané looked.

    Did Leyy Sané hurt Bayern? Until he succeeded

    Update on August 8, 8:23 pm: Leroy Sané will have to undergo surgery next week, Manchester City confirmed on Thursday. But how long has a national player been in decline? in picture wants to know now: According to the Sané newspaper, it turns out almost six months. And that, even though Sané only needed to touch the cruciate ligament. Six months is usually planned when the band is completely finished.

    Is the injured Leroy Sané coming to Bayern?

    Update on August 8, 7:31 pm: That Leroy Sané must be operated on is now safe. But what does this mean for a possible transfer to FC Bayern? A tweet from a teammate does not suggest that Manchester City assume Sané would leave the team. Fernandinho wrote, "Turn around soon … we'll wait for you! Watch for yourself."

    Injured Leroy Sané: Manchester City confirm diagnosis

    Update on August 8, 6:16 pm: Now here it is, Manchester City's first official statement of injury to Leroy Sané. It first confirms the injury in the match against Liverpool. He damaged the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee.

    Sané passed several tests throughout the week – and a specialist traveled to Manchester to find out what Leroy Sané was missing.

    Then a confirmation: "Leroy will be operated within the next week." How long a player will fail, nothing is read in the first message.

    Video: Severe Knee Injury – Bayern's Dream Sané Operated

    Crazy turn in Leroy Sané: "pure speculation" injury – Bayern-Wechsel still possible

    Update on August 8, 5:58 PM: It would be the next crazy turn in the transfer saga about Leroy Sané. According to information from Sky Sports the DFB player is being investigated further – therefore he should not give a definitive diagnosis. Previously, the picture reports that Sané has touched the cruciate ligament and needs surgery.

    This message is now at odds Sky Sports UKReporter Ben Ransom. in pictureHe could not confirm the diagnosis and: "According to club information, Leroy is being investigated further and the diagnosis is pure speculation."

    Update on August 8, 4:10 pm: Munich's Bayern nightmare is clearly a reality. Leroy Sané has to undergo surgery and will probably be out for months!

    According to information from picture Sané is said to have touched the cruciate ligament. How does FC Bayern react now? Official confirmation from Munich is still pending, and even from Manchester City, there is nothing new in that personality. Sané is likely to be several months away, although a torn cruciate ligament is of course even better than a fully crucified cruciate ligament. Nevertheless, surgery is required that could extend the interruption up to six months, such as picture reported.

    Leroy Sané: Does a knee injury prevent you from moving to FC Bayern? Hoeneß: "We will …"

    Update on August 8, 2:33 pm: How badly was Leroy Sané injured in the knee? Opinions continue to diverge. While some German and English media are already reporting on the worst case scenario and are afraid of a disrupted ACL, others find the situation less dramatic.

    There are no official announcements yet – neither from FC Bayern Munich, nor from Manchester City. On the contrary Sports picture However, Uli Hoeneß has now expressed himself. The president of the record champion said in training camp it was obvious that the "English" should be questioned about his current status in Sané's transfer. And further: "We will publish the facts." What can be said about these statements? Hoeneß is currently, such as rumors of a possible withdrawal from Bayern, such as* reported.

    Meanwhile, countless alternatives to Sané are mentioned. Even the Barcelona world star should be in talks *. The following shockwave ensued at the FCB training camp: Jerome Boateng clearly injured himself *. What do you think of Sané's possible commitment? Voice!

    Leroy Sané: Is it now landing in Barcelona? An injury could halt the transfer to Bayern

    Update on August 8, 12:45 pm: The speculation surrounding Leroy Sané continues. Does the cruciate ligament have a tear or not? The exact diagnosis is probably still ongoing. Sané, meanwhile, is on his way to Barcelona.

    Does the Messi Club also get involved in transfer poker? No. As British expert Ben Dinnery has now reported via Twitter, Sané is on his way to Spain, to dr med. Ramon Cugat is being treated. Careful football fans know: This is the City's Contact Point for Tears of the Crucified Ligaments – Once visited by Benjamin Mendy, which is featured in the Amazon Prime documentary "All or Nothing: Manchester City".

    Leroy Sané: Bayern Nightmare Scene? The transfer could break

    Update on August 8, 11:54 am: Bayern appears to have been close to Leroy Sané's commitment. Several media outlets have already reported the transfer as a repair. At the moment the deal is far from certain. Instead, the focus is on Sané’s knee injury.

    Super dribbling broke into the community lawn against Liverpool against Liverpool within minutes. According to information from picture it could even be a horror diagnosis for any football player: a cruciate ligament rupture.

    Injured Leroy Sané? The move to Bayern could succeed

    Surgery and a break of several months are inevitable in such a case despite the most modern medical methods. A fully torn cruciate ligament does not grow on its own. However, for the knee joint it is necessary for stability reasons, so it must be a replacement plastic before – this is why the injury is so complex.

    Even the English media now speculates that Sané could break his cruciate ligament. Reason: Manchester City has made that fear public. Must the Bavarians seek a replacement for Sané? Gareth Bale, Hakim Ziyech and Steven Bergwijn will still be linked to German record champions, such as* reported. On the other hand, two talents may be turned to leap (Football suburb* reported). Wolverhampton Wanderers and Chelsea FC should be interested.

    First Announcement: Leroy Sané: Diagnosis of Horror? The move to Bayern threatens to burst

    Munich – For several months now, FC Bayern Munich has been promoting Leroy Sané. The German national team in the service of Manchester City is considered to be the subject of the German record champion's wishes – this is precisely what has repeatedly highlighted those responsible for coach Nick Kovac.

    In Community Shield, the English version of the German supercar, Sané was on the ground right from the start – and came, as he had to come: the 23-year-old twisted his knee.

    Leroy San to Bayern Munich? Transfer compromised by knee injury

    Like this picture (behind the payment barrier) i Sports picture (Thursday's issue) now report, there could be an injury to Leroy Sané Torn ACL rank. A diagnosis of horror could cause the transfer to happen. If Sané had been operated, he would have been out for months.

    Also British Daily mail he has already announced that the injury is likely worse than expected. Will a mega-transfer with a mega-transfer suddenly become a "bargain"? According to rumors, Sané should cost up to 160 million euros, now could hurt even the double-digit amount in question.

    Injured Leroy Sané? Transfer to Bayern Munich could explode

    Bayern's reaction is still ongoing. Whether anyone will continue to be interested in the commitment is unknown. As early as Thursday, bad fears had emerged. Like this picture reported whether Bayern physician Dr. Peter Ueblacker at training camp for a long talk with sports director Hasan Salihamidzic.

    A doctor on Brazzos' knee clearly showed Sané's injury. Did you know at the time that it was possible for a ligament tear to cross? Salihamidzic spoke to the phone immediately and looked for a quiet place to make a phone call.

    Leroy Sané with ligament cross tear? Bayern could get away with the transfer

    They are currently preparing for a training camp in Rottach-Egern, where they will test Thursday against the native Kreisklassisten (* checked in a live tick) for the new season ahead. Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer have made a clear announcement to Tegernsee regarding the transfer *.

    Leverkusen-based Kai Havertz had long considered himself an object of desire before deciding to stay with Bayer. But future transfer remains a question *. Could the deal fail with Sané – beat Bayern, maybe then in those s * deals?

    You can find all the recent news about Leroy Sané here.

    Video: Sane? Goretzka joked: This is my poker face

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