Tuesday , June 15 2021

Microsoft took over Apple as the most valuable company

It's like a trip back in time: for the second time this week, Microsoft took over Apple in a short time and became the most valuable company in the world. Redmond's software company made an impressive return.

One superior group recently had a severe dryness:

  • sensitive anti-trust regulations,
  • unpopular versions for Windows,
  • Millions in losses after Nokia's unsuccessful purchase.

In 2010, Microsoft finally had to give the title as the most important stock company to Apple's smartphone maker. At that time, the Windows operating system suffered under reduced computer demand.

What has changed since then? Go back to the news after replacing Executive Director Steve Ballmer 2014. His successor Satya Nadella re-established Microsoft:

  • The company was awarded in 2016 by Nokia.
  • In addition, Microsoft has focused on cloud services, making it the Amazon now.
  • The office software subscription model is also well developed.
  • Even the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system works after an initial critique.

Thus, Microsoft managed to increase the surplus in the summer year by about a third year a year. Revenues also increased twice in the first quarter of the business year.

On the contrary, Apple: Hardware maker shares reached a record level of $ 233.47 at the beginning of October. Four months ago, Apple was the first company to ever have a market value of one trillion dollars.

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Apple smartphone:
It can be iPhone X

But then they are more and more concerned about new iPhone models. The Group's most important product no longer meets the expected sales and sales expectations. There has recently been a rumor about reducing production, reducing prices and reviving the old model. Apple also suffers from the overall decline in the smartphone market.

On Wednesday, Microsoft took over its rival on the stock market again. In stock, it has risen three days, and its market value has risen to $ 848 billion. Apple is also the winner, but only 2.2 percent, which corresponds to the market value of the group of 845 billion dollars.

Currently, US President Donald Trump's statements are likely to trigger the sale. The US president said in a news interview that Apple could be hit by additional tariffs against China.

In the video: SPIEGEL TV 20 years ago – Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

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