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Antinos hit North Attica

Earlier on Sunday, the Meteo National Observatory published a bad weather "Antinoos", which will hit most of Greece in the next 24 hours. Local storms began to "strike" at 1300 hours in the northern suburbs of Attica, while intense weather events would affect the rest of the prefecture in the next few hours.

See how the camera recorded the heavy rainfall that occurred in Dionysus 13.10:

"Antinoos" will affect several parts of the country with heavy rains and storms by Wednesday (17th of the month), while the phenomenon will be followed locally by bouts and strong winds.

According to forecasts, the day with the strongest and most dangerous phenomenon will be on Tuesday.

The next video shows the predicted amount of precipitation from Sunday afternoon (14/07) to Wednesday evening (17/07).

Detailed weather report for today, Sunday

Today, on Sunday, clouds are expected to be dense. Rain and thunder will initially be recorded on the western and northern continents, East Thessaly and the Northern Aegean, and from the noon the phenomenon will be located on the eastern and northern continents, in the north and east of the Aegean and the Crete. According to the evening, the phenomenon will weaken and will be limited to Eastern Stere and Thessaly, Thrace, Eastern Aegeon and perhaps the Crete. From the noon onwards, there is the possibility of a local city, especially on the northern continents.

Temperature in western Macedonia ranges from 15 to 26 degrees, in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 17 to 31, in the rest of the continent from 18 to 32, on the Ionian islands from 22 to 27, on the Aegean Islands from 20 to 29, and on the Crete of 19 to 31.

The winds in the Middle and Northern Aegeon will blow from a variable direction of 3 to 5 beaufort, while in the south from the direction of 4 to 6 beaufort. In the Ionian winds, it will initially blow from a change of address to 3 and local 4 beaufort, but by noon, it will become northwest 4 to 6 beaufort.

Attica is expected to be cloudy, with rains and possible storms expected from noon until late afternoon. The winds will initially blow from the western directions to 3 and local to 4 beaufort, but will gradually rotate towards the north and northeast same intensity. The temperature in the center of Athens ranges from 23 to 31 degrees.

In Thessaloniki, clouds are sometimes expected to be dense. Rain or storms are possible by noon. The winds will initially blow from the variable directions to 3 beaufort, but from the morning it will become northwestern 3 to 5 beaufort. The temperature in the city center ranges from 22 to 30 degrees.

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