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Base 2019: When Results Are Released – Basic Estimates and Tables

BASIS 2019 – PANHELLENES 2019: The race for thousands of candidates for Panhellenic 2019 is coming to an end, and the Ministry of Education 2019 has been officially announced and officially published by the Ministry of Education.

It may be that the new sections included in the newsletter add to the difficulty of baseline assessments for 2019, as it is unknown if candidates eventually selected new schools, the overall picture and, according to all indications so far, that they will exist – a slight decrease – the decline of primary school for 2019

Oh Stratos Stratigakis, Mathematical Researcher and Career AdvisorIn an interview with, he gave his own assessment of how the bases would fluctuate in 2019. Mr Stratigakis, among other things, said that this year would be a surprise year, due to a change in the candidate newsletter. His estimates, however, show a decline in most schools and a very small increase in several schools, especially in the fourth discipline.

Mr Stratigakis said: "Assessing the bases will be more difficult this year than any other year because we have a new landscape in the newsletter and we do not know how the candidates reacted. So the schools declared computerization.

Specifically at the first field we are waiting Athens law have a slight decrease in the order of 50 molecules and n The law of Comotini which is a threshold greater than 200 points and its base at 17.265. He Psychology, which is the second school compared to the first field, we expect a base at Athens to be found at 17,730 while at Florina, which is a new segment and first appears on PC, we expect it to be around 16,440.

At the second box we expect a small drop in bases here as well Electrical Engineers at the Technical University with 18,100 molecules and too many over 1,000 molecules collapsing in the lower classes.

At the third field and here we have a downward trend, because its issues Chemistry and her Physics on the other hand, the candidates made it difficult, we are waiting here Athens medicine falls below 18,900 molecules for the first time since 2002, and in particular we expect it to drop to 18,850 molecules, while Medical Alexandroupolis which is the medicine threshold we expect in 18,150 molecules.

The the fourth field it will be the only one in which we will have a growing base in the range of schools that reach out high to medium, while in schools below 11,000 molecules, we expect a drop in bases of 300 molecules and perhaps reaching 600 to 700. "

Detailed Tables by Fields – Basic Assessment 2019

1st Scientific Field – Basic Assessment 2019

2nd Scientific Field – Baseline Assessment 2019

Scientific area 3 – Basic assessment 2019

4th Science Area – Basic Assessment 2019

The official announcement for the 2019 base will, of course, be made by the Ministry of Education, and they will also be posted on the Ministry's special platform at

Booths 2019 Gel Epal: Booth announcement

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