Tuesday , August 3 2021

Complaint against European "hedge" Greek stock market "hairdresser"

It was decided that the courts of the ECHR had no jurisdiction over that matter

The Austrian court has ruled that the Austrian court had failed to comply with the Austrian court's verdict in the Austrian court, which replaced the Austrian court in 2012, with the new Austrian court. to resolve the dispute with the Greek state.

The European Convention on Civil and Commercial Affairs, as a general rule, does not apply to the European Court of Justice, in which case the jurisdiction of the courts of a Member State of the place of residence of the defendant.

The Austrian bank, which purchased the Greek government bonds with a nominal value of EUR 35,000, canceled the nominal value of the bonds and filed a lawsuit against the Greek courts before the Austrian courts demanded the initial terms of their borrowing.

Greece has confirmed that Austria has no jurisdiction to hear such disputes. Obereries Gerichtsfo (Supreme Court of Austria) asked the European Court of Justice on the Greek decision on the matter.

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