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Found Kirki Island? – PHOTO

A cave on an island in central Italy where, according to Homer's Odyssey, Kirk lived, is believed to have been discovered by Italian archaeologists.

It is Torre Paola Island, which Homer calls Aiaia, where archaeologists have found a cave about 30 meters long and reportedly had the home of a witch Kirk who transformed her enemies or those using her animals. magic drinks because he knew a great deal about herbs and their healing effects.

The caves entered the karst limb they found at the foot of Cape Kirke in Torre Paoli and discovered a cave in which they assumed that Odysseus' ship was stranded.

According to the Odyssey, the hero of Homer entered this cave in Lake Paola with his boat, and Kirk then stabbed him and stayed with her for a year.

Stonecutting matches the description and geographical references of Homer's story. And in evidence there is a Charter of the Kirkis Hills and the S. Felice Region, created by Giovanni Batista Tsipriani in 1830, where the slit is described as "two caves above each other" and is said to be "ships entering the sea."

According to Wikipedia, Kirk is better known than Homer's Odyssey, where he is described living in a mansion in the middle of a clearing, in a dense forest and weaving on a huge loom. According to Odysseus herself, there were lions and wolves around her, the medical victims of her magic, who were not dangerous to those who visited her. Odysseus and his companions arrived as they wandered there.


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