Wednesday , June 16 2021

Katerina Netopoulou's candidacy for the Thessaloniki Assembly was blocked by POLITICS

The main topic of the European elections, the European events and the SIRIZE political plan for this battle is to hold the Central Committee of the Party next weekend.

In a nearly four-hour session of the Political Secretariat under Alexis Tsipras, the debate on liquidity was held on the international scene and the position of Europe in it, as well as the problems and challenges that the EU faces in a new era. "The main goal of the Syriza and leftist forces is to form a broader progressive front against raising the far right and the forces of neoliberalism through the alliances with the Greens, as well as with the part of European social democracy, free from anti-social and conservative politics, and made a shift to the left," they noted.

The same sources point out that SIRIZA will have concrete proposals on the structure and architecture of the EU that will respond to the EU's democratic deficit that will make European citizens feel far away from the decision-making centers and provide answers to the direction of strengthening the welfare state, strengthening social cohesion and strengthening democracy.

In these directions there will be a proposal of the PG PU and a discussion that will be held during the weekend.

As for self-governing elections, according to the same sources, in the case of a bid for the Athens municipality, Prime Minister and President Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, and Secretary of the Panos Skourletis, have personally taken over, while the discussion with the municipal "open city" in Athens will be relevant.

Regarding the municipality of Piraeus, the PG decided to appoint Nikos Bellavilla, which will be approved for the PU, as will be the case for all major municipalities and regions, according to the party's statute. Sources from the party point out that this is an excellent and dynamic nomination for a man with a vision and plan for Piraeus, the birth of the city's throat and its movements. An application that "can bring wider forces from the left in an important battle against the specific business interests of the city in order to conquer the municipality."

According to the same sources, the climate of the yesterday's meeting of the municipal faction of SYRIZA in Thessaloniki was adopted by the FR "Open City" for the Thessaloniki region in order to create the conditions for a wider gathering of the progressive forces of Thessaloniki with candidate for mayor Katerina Netopoulou.

"In the upcoming period, we will support the efforts of the municipal faction to create conditions for program convergence with the" Initiative "Yannis Boutaris, an ecologist group, as well as independent self-government officials," sources said. They emphasize that Katerina Netopoulou is a new and indestructible person who also knows and is struggling for the problems of the city and notes that it is "the candidate of victory for city self-governing forces against the maintenance block".

Source: RES-EAP

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