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Talk about shocking, 42-year-old wheelchair with 14-year-old wheelchair!

Five hours after the start of the 36th marathon race, a young men's team will enter Kalimarmaro. They stop at a few meters away from the basket. The 14-year-old Marianne Avgustaki, a member of the group of motor-related problems, is bound to a wheelchair.

Marathon's 42-kilometer marathon marathon, with his spouse, his friends, former and modern swimmers and Rethymnon Air Force poles take him out of the wagon to take the last steps. They applaud him, rhythmically call his name and give him strength. But he does not need it. He is stronger than anyone else. Reporter Dimitris Marcos, who describes the Marathon match, writes amazing videos on his mobile phone.

Marianne Avustaki was one of at least six disabled people who took part in the 36th Athens Marathon. His check-in number was 5577, and his shirt was marked with butterfly, horseback, and a pen. Marianne became a pupil of elementary school when she received the category of "fairy tales" by the text "The School of Our Dreams". Another dream came true on Sunday night. Running on Marathon, he wanted his brother and brothers to run for years. So he was very happy at the beginning.

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On the way, Marianne sings and sings with her companion. "We have never been to Marianna. He was "drawn" by his own efforts. He recited songs such as Caroterie, Caroterie, "says George Asumanakis, a brother of the prototype. The spectator gave him an olive branch.

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Preparation started three weeks ago when Marianna received a 4500 euro cart, which was a charity to the bank. "We spent four or five exercises less than half an hour. So I asked Marianne we could do that because another thing was an hour training and five other competitions. "I put my body on," he replied. The route was very difficult for him, but only once he pulled a belt back and asked for a rest. After the battle, he told his father that we were saddened by tiredness. But when we saw her laughing and seeing it ended, we felt absolute happiness, "says her cousin.

Marianna, her brother Marcos Augustusis, is over. Two months ago she was involved in a knee surgery due to the meniscus problem and did not work with her sister. On the 15th kilometer of Marathon, he had to leave. Their father, Harris Augustakis, was happy and proud.


The marathon was not the first "battle" Marianna was given. It wins from the very first moment it opened. When she was born, she could not cover her six months. The doctors put the babies in an incubator and survived despite harsh forecasts. But he could not grow. Doctors found a mixed spastic quadriplegia and 90% of disability diagnoses. Marianne is a lifelong physiologist who studies and studies. Last year he finished grade 1 with 18.4 points. "He has been teaching us a lot of lessons since his birth," says Harris Augustacky's father.

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