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This tool simplifies problems in the car workshop

This tool simplifies problems in the car workshop

Technology provides means to solve problems that until a few years ago we did not even imagine that it could be solved. Telephone communication can now easily help our mobile phone camera and provide solutions for situations that until recently seemed unavailable.

Using diagnostic tools in car shops and communicating technical and technical support with these instruments may have encountered serious problems. Using a smartphone, a technician can now transmit an image to a person who is in charge of obtaining complete instructions in real time.

With the new free car crew application, Bosch allows technicians to repair complex faults faster than ever before. The garage technician, simply using his mobile phone or tablet, realizes real-time images of mechanical parts of the vehicle in the Bosch Technical Support Department. In this way, the Bosch support technician sees exactly what the workshop technician can see and can guide him step by step in diagnosing and solving problems, as well as in the effective use of diagnostic and other devices available. workshop equipment.

In addition, Bosch's Bosch Visual Connect application enables Bosch technical support to magnify display on the screen or to display more information, such as electrical drawings or the presence of invisible parts, as well as garage technicians, to scan and send additional information such as example, chassis number.

Bosch Visual Connect is a new easy way to contact the Bosch Automotive Hotline Service. With the application, the Bosch Hotline with the back of your mobile phone and / or front camera can see what you see. Allows Bosch Hotline to provide technical documentation and lead you to your request, and simplifies the problem solving process. During the interaction you can take advantage of advanced features such as OCR, vibrant colors and notes, screen sharing, a shared tour and presentation of documents, pausing videos, sharing photos and more.

The application is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded free of charge from app stores, and as far as the security of personal data is concerned, it is permanently secured, even if the employees in the workshop use their mobile staff to contact the Bosch technical support department, the application does not allow access to stored personal information on your device.

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