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What happened in the Gulf of Oman? Its intensity of time and why it attacks

On Friday, Donald Trab said attack on two tankers bears the & # 39; signature of Iran.

In return, the Iranian president Hassan Rouchani He denied that his country was involved in the incident and accused the United States of being "a serious threat to stability in the Middle East".

But what exactly happened on Thursday? And why has it caused so much concern on the global political scene?

What happened?

Two tankers were attacked on Thursday – another incident within a month in the Hormush Pass, a maritime passage of great strategic importance for world oil trade.

The Taiwanese State Refineries (CPC) announced that Front Altair, belonging to the Norwegian Frontline, was hit while carrying a load of 75,000 tons of oil – a product for oil processing – to Taiwan. CPCs even expressed he suspected the ship was receiving a torpedo. Others, however, claimed that they might have been used mine is much more likely. The ship's crew was surrounded by another ship in the area.

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Source: AP Photo / ISNA

Kokuk Hrabar, as announced by the shipowner Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, suffered damage on the carcasses over a waterline transferred methanol from Saudi Arabia to Singapore. The shipping company was convinced that Kokuka Hrabar was hit by a projectile. Crew tanker One survivor survived, bearing burning in his hands, received the care of the US Navy Medical Team.

Who is to blame?

The US military has released videos that support it shows that the Iranian ship is approaching one of two tanks. In black and white, and, by the way, with murky images drawn from the air, a small military boat appears next to the tanker, and someone removes the object from the tanker.
Then the ship was taken out of the tanker … However, it remains it is unclear whether this is indeed an Iranian ship and whether the mine has really been removed, with the aim of hiding evidence.

The US military also publicly announced a photo that claims to show the mine on the side of the tanker.

Iran refused any involvement in the attacks, while the foreign minister said he could try to provoke a crisis between his country and the United States.

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Source: US Central Command via AP

What happened in May?

May 12, four tankers – two flags of Saudi Arabia, one Norway and one United Arab Emirates– suffered damage during navigation in the open waters of UAE.

The United Arab Emirates Survey, released on June 7, says it is "very likely" to use magnetic mines to attack. Indeed, the report states that the attack was likely a project of a "state agent", but without placing a specific country in the box.

The The United States has accused Iran of hiding behind this attack, something that negates the country.

Geopolitical balances in the region

Conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Serbia the region has a leading role and both countries are involved in a series of conflicts through allies.

The most typical example is Yemen. The US, the ally of Saudi Arabia in the region, has 10,000 soldiers based on Qatar.

At the same time, the 5th American fleet, which took part in rescue operations on Thursday, June 13, based in Bahrain.

How are US-Iranian relations?

The tension between the US and Iran has hit … red in the past few weeks, when Washington sent war ships and bombers to the Persian Gulf, and Tehran threatens to be released from the enrichment of uranium.

A year ago, Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw the US from a nuclear deal in Iran and to pursue new, rigorous sanctions.

What is the role of the Hormones Pass in the global economy?

The passage of Hormuz, the passage from the Gulf of Oman to the open sea, is the most important entry into world oil exports.

It is indicative that in 2016, 18.5 million barrels of heavy fuel oil were transported daily by this sea route.


Source: US Energy Information Administration

In the past Iran has threatened to disrupt oil transportationif the US tries to "strangle" the economy of the country.

With information from Guardian, CNNi

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