Wednesday , June 16 2021

Blue and green weather is for constitutional changes in Taiwan? – DW (Chinese) – Voice of Germany

Blue and green weather is for constitutional changes in Taiwan? DW (Chinese) – Voice of Germany

(Chinese Network of German Voices) The proposal for constitutional amendments by DPP legislator Su Qiaohui and others advocated a central government system to adopt the "presidential system" and abolish Executive Yuan. The heads of ministries are appointed and run by the president, and the president is the head of state. For the highest executive director, the testing institute is in charge of administrative authority, the supervisory authority changes to the legislative power, and the administrative, legislative and judicial powers are separated. In addition to changes in the political system, the draft also touched on the relationship between weapons. In addition to deleting texts of constitutional amendments such as "Before Unification, Free Zone of the Republic of China" and the relationship between human rights and obligations on land, human rights and obligations have been changed to "China and the People's Republic of China". The "presidential system" is close to the status quo? Su Qiaohui said that Taiwan most of the time chose the president, if the elections are the virtual head of state, people can not imagine this and accept it. She believes that this version is closer to the status quo and allows the executive and legislature to monitor each other. But she acknowledges that all systems should be sent to the board for discussion, not all of which support the presidential system. The General Assembly of the Democratic Progressive Party, Ke Jianming, said that DPP, as the largest party, would certainly have dominance in constitutional reform, but the threshold for constitutional amendments is extremely high, and DPP's only DPP party can not dominate, not just the consensus of the party , but also the ruling and opposition parties. There must also be consensus, and more importantly, a consensus must exist in society, otherwise the goal of amending the constitution will not be achieved. According to media reports, President Tsai Ing-wen called Qiu Yirena, director of DPP Think Tank, the "Foundation for Culture and Education for a New Home" as a window for consultation with the party group. Kuomintang supports the "cabinet system", the Kuomintang legislation and the party group have expressed their support for the "cabinet system". Kuomintang Fei Hongtai lawmaker also attacked, and Tsai Ing-wen publicly advocated the support of the "cabinet system" when he was running for DPP president in 2014. He later changed his name to the "Cabinet". There is no room in the system. When a DPP calls for a revision of the Constitution, it must first be allowed to test public opinion. Now that Tsai Ing-wen becomes president, if he changes to the "presidential system", his power will expand for an indefinite period and destroy …

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