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Do you live on an average salary? He paid millions of tons

Who received an average salary in ten years, has so far increased his social security fund by nearly 2 million forints, paying more than 17,000 forints a month. This is roughly the sum of monthly loads per head.

The news about the Hungarian health system, which, among other things, displays a poor picture of the state of the hospital, is constantly appearing. For example, by autumn, traumatologists gave the government time to solve the financing of the profession. According to the State Audit Office report, the current system and its funding can not be considered sustainable in the present form.

While the health of Hungarians could be improved. According to a recent HCSO review published in Hungary, every fourth person, for example, suffers from high blood pressure. This worsens the overall picture that last year in health care 185 thousand but 4% of jobs needed for work were empty. Not to mention that many people have financial problems with health care: households 43% of middle-class soybeans reported by medical or dental practitioners costs.

You must pay tb

All health insurance contributions, as well as daily contributions, are paid for the maintenance of the healthcare system. Gross wage is reduced to the personal income tax, so the net exits. Gross wages are the basis for various contributions, such as contributions to pensions, the labor market and health insurance. The health insurance contribution currently stands at 7%.

Basically, this is insurance, but you pay at any time, but the contribution is not optional but required. In Hungary, social security is a risky community and participation is mandatory for all. The insurance ratio resulting from the obligation to participate represents the basis for the right to any compensation. The health insurance system includes contributors, including employees and the self-employed. In addition, there are also those who do not pay, but receive care, they are "similar", such as full-time students and retirees.

The average person spends 17,000 a month on the health of all

In news on health system diseases, the Bucharest blog has now considered how much health insurance contributions have paid since 2010, living on average every year.

The average gross salary was close to 203 thousand forints in 2010, and almost 357 thousand forints in the first four months this year. At the same time, the monthly amount of health insurance contributions has increased from 12,152 HUF to 24,984 HUF so far. This also means that since 2010, the average gross salary of workers has paid a total of 1,935 million HUF, which is an average of 17,285 HUF per month.

The current average monthly consumption of nearly 25,000 forints and the average 17,000 forints that emerged since 2010 is a significant item when it is designed for household consumption. In the first half of 2018, food and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as housing, were among the highest expenditures per capita, with the first being almost 25 thousand forints, of which 17.7 thousand forints. It was as much as it went to tb.

Note: Calculations are based on, the Central Bureau of Statistics, and their own calculations.

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