Hungary's parade had grown out of the Hungarian parliamentary framework, while István Tarlós sent the Orbano case to the bell. This is's domestic political summary.

Fides had a long-awaited slap and he felt dizzy. He came from an unexpected place, from the Hungarian opposition to the European Parliament. The story began with Clare Dobrev and Lívia Járóka, both were vice-presidents of the European Parliament, but until Dobrev did not vote for the Fidesz politician, Ióka made a nomination for DK.

Since then, representatives of the MSZP, DK and Momentum have not voted Fidesz politicians for the chairmanship or vice-chairmanship of the committee, which the government recognizes as an attack on face to face:

  • Zsolt Bayer will take revenge, take over parliamentary office from the opposition,
  • Máté Kocsis also threatens DK by removing his positions,
  • Csaba Hende also spoke in Parliament that serious consideration should be given to this possibility.

Before turning to the way the story is managed by the media on the side of the government and encouraged to do it, here are the writings of Tote W. Árpád:

On the page of Pest Guys it's written

Momentum, MSZP and DK are enemies of the Hungarian nation, regardless of the way they are allowed.

Fides felt the slap. Not only because he came from the domestic opposition, but also because he is a significant part of the European parties against Fidesz, which he postponed. After the article, Momentum pronounced a punishment against Pest Guys for inciting the community. Ágnes Vadai, after the action of the opposition and pro-government reaction, told Fidesz's tiles that:

We'll block you in Brussels for 5 years.

The opposition therefore found a new policy for itself, a European megaphone, hiking demonstrations and Facebook animation, a European ban – or an attempt. Vadai said that if the government ignores opposition voters in Hungary, it should not be offended by anyone on the side of the government if they refer to Fides accordingly. He said that he had nothing to do with "who is Hungarian, because they are all", you are just corrupted villains, and we are patriots. We do not help those who betray their home, either here or in Brussels. "

In the meantime, in Hungary, Gergely Karörös has made István Tarlós a campaign. Since the Mayor agreed with Orban, they agreed on a unique capital park. That was a controversial issue that had not been agreed with the Prime Minister before. They brought him to the ring, later said Tarlós, and then pointed to Gergely Christmas and Zuglo. "It would not be wrong for some Mayors to be with me." Instead, it happened that one, for example, Mayor Zuglo, asked to be allowed to operate parking by indignation. "

The worship of Tarlós and Christmas is that Median, on behalf of the HVG, measured in his latest survey that István Tarlós was 39 percent in the mayoral candidate's popularity, Gergely Karörös (37 percent) and Róbert Puzsér (15 percent).

Tarlós promised in any case: "If I win on Christmas, I will leave without pain."

Quote of the Week Orban:

In Hungary, there is no starving child, because everyone who goes to the kindergarten receives a meal.

(Image: Viktor Orbán / Facebook)

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