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Fresh information on Atari VCS comes in March

E3 2019

Fresh information on Atari VCS comes in March

It will not be a simple retro console.

2019/06/14. 22:55 | from Dino | Category: E3 2019

u Atari has been planning a big return for some time. In the summer of 2017, a completely new console, known as Ataribox, is finally available Atari VCS will go to stores in March, next year. In America, pre-ordering has already begun, on its own website, and through two retail chains.

Atari VCS will be available in two versions: Atari VCS 400 on 4, and Atari VCS 800 on 8 GB of RAM, but both types can be expanded in memory and mass memory. The whole system is nothing more than a PC based on AMD Ryzen, so you can connect a USB external hard drive to a Windows or Linux operating system – and display our existing games on the TV screen. The 800 is a standard for 4K video streaming (eg from YouTube, Netflix or Hul), and in smaller versions it needs to be expanded to memory.

Two types of controllers will be available for the machine: VCS Classic Joystick, similar to the old Atari controller, and VCS Modern Controller. They are 49.99, respectively. They cost you $ 59.99, but you can even buy them in one package. However, we can also include any Bluetooth or USB controller, and we can use our USB mouse and keyboard in the sandbox mode (when operating other operating systems).

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Fresh information on Atari VCS comes in March



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