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Hungary and Poland

The Patriarch of the Soviet Union and the priest handed the Polish people over to the independence on Tuesday and handed the Order of the Polish Order to the Communist Party's command.

The priest and priest of the Polish nation, Silvia Peter, recalled any casual announcement in Budapest on Tuesday. Here he said

Hungary and Poland are on the market today, and the country of origin has always been able to unite some of the equipment for the lower.

During the event The Order of the Polish Order was received by Taxi Lasso and Chief of the Staff of Tarsus East.

In the event held at the Memorial Museum, Senior Officer of the Provincial Council Zolt Nmet, Commander of the Eurybase Royal Hryks Richard Knights.

The Macharians and Poles know what is meant by freedom of expression, so they can gain freedom, so we have to deal with all the challenges

"said Sijrett Pter, priest and priest.

I have often fought for freedom, the lesser struggle against freedoms of freedom and the fight against free domes. Also, Smindez Polish is also true A Polish priest who escaped from Poland to Poland and Hungarians were always taken from the poles.

The pessimist sister, priest and clergyman calls on an independent Polish nation to be employed on November 13, 2018 at the Museum of the Schwyzvitiy.Forrys: MTI / Attila Kovcs

Today, Hungary and Poland are still languishing. Those who want to join the Euro are lazy, and I want to change Europe, and I want to forget about the post-war period of post-war period as well as those who want to forget about national identity, cultural and cultural traditions. But we are against it

says the priest. Budapest Polish politician Yi Snopek says: "It's time to finish the First World War, and the war has a positive political impact, and many other things."

Jerzy Snowauck speaks at a Polish gentleman at the National Museum of Polish Independence.Forrys: MTI / Attila Kovcs

The Polish diplomat came to see the tragedy of Troddal and Lamia after the first general election.
It was affected by the Second World War, and then the warring superpowers involved many European nations.We have entered our 45 sovereign-sovereignty "said Amy Snopek, who have been gaining independence since these bad experiences. He emphasized that the Hungarian-Polish economic relations are very close, and that the relationship between science, education and culture will grow. As you mentioned, famous Polish colleagues, who have a high degree in Hungarian-Polish relations.

Independence Day in Poland is the biggest national project. It is a pity that in November 1918 during World War I Poland was restored after the division of the 123rd. Independent Poland Jeb Pilludski, rescued from his home in Warsaw, landed on Warsaw November 11 when he arrived in Warsaw.

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