Thursday , March 4 2021

Lajos Kósa: Dogs will not bark

"There will be no bacon in the dog," replied Lajos Kósa, István Szávay, for the Hir TV Hungary affair wife. The rightful representative, according to the soundtrack of Hir TV, boasted that a Jewish woman was knocked down in a nightclub because he "talked to her". Although Szávei acknowledged that he was offensive to the Jews, he said that he was only joking about torture and did not want to give up.

According to Lajos Kósa, the case shows that Jobbik is in any way different, and István Szávej does not tell the truth. Politburo politician says Jobbik is also responsible if Sáway remains in the ranks of the party.

Schmidt: I was not surprised

Ms. Schmidt also spoke about it. The Director General of the House of Terror – also in Live TV Hungary Live Live – said that this style has always been present in Jobbik.

"My first impression was that there may not have been actors in the crowd when it happened, but I'm not that surprised." "In business, this style, this behavior is considered completely accepted," he said.

Schiffer: Impossible

According to Andras Schifer, former LUP politician, it is inevitable and unacceptable what Szávay did. It will probably boast, if there is aggression, there is no place in politics, "he said.

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