Tuesday , August 3 2021

Prim News – Telekom adds an extra mobile to its world of digital features for its pre-paid clients

On November 15, Telecom provides each customer with a unique 4GB of data that can be used for six months each client. The offer corresponds to the Telecom brand, which today plays an active role in digitalization and digitalization of Hungary.

Although the company tries to attract more customers to the Internet, it has gained access to the Internet and has opened up additional opportunities for its customers using mobile Internet. Advertising data can be used by about 1.7 million consumers.

4 GB of data at the same time for prepaid customers will be automatically available on the 15th of November.

Telecom announced a new, ambitious brand in February 2018. Using a set of digital tools, you want to inspire you to use the wired and world-class cellular communication technology and innovative technology that your company provides with the highest quality standards to help you and your environment and the environment.

There are many people in our society, their digital wealth and surface are natural parts of the world that are clever to use technology that can reach their cell phones or laptops if they need something fast, easy, and comfortable. People living on digital television serve their own development. They are called "Telecom Online Now". Now, generation is communication, attitude. It means that people who are interested in news and who are open to the new ones are independent of their age. Telecom encourages all people to become active members of the "Modern Generation."

"We are obliged to change the attitude in Hungarian society because digitization requires new approaches and new skills for each of us. Digitizing equipment serves only for the sake of the development of a person's openness, courage and acting. It's time to figure out negative and recurring thoughts. With the right view of the digital world, we can achieve everything, change anything. " "said Attila Bela Szabo, Sales and Marketing Manager at Telecom's New Brand Promotion campaign earlier this November.

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