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Rasovszky Kristóf 4 at 10 km, has Olympic kv

Kristovf Rasovszky won a 5-kilometer gold medal at the Olympic Games at the Olympic Games, 10 kilometers in 4th place in the South Korean Aquatic World Championship, earning a Tokyo-based five-ring quota in 2020. The World Cup was won by German Florian Wellbrock in front of French Marc-Antoine Olivier and his compatriot Rob Muffels.


Kristovf Rasovszky won the Olympic quota (Photo: István Derencsényi)

To be honest, even after the Rishtov Eve Olympic gold medal in London, we did not think that the ten-kilometer race could be almost excited, but thanks to Kristof Rasovszky, we are increasingly feeling in open water battles.

Boy Veszprém plays sensationally in the last few years – the title of the Junior World Championship, which earned 10 kilometers in 2016, but already showed that Rasovski has something to do in this genre.

Then they won the World Cup, VC medals, and then arrived at the Continental Championship 2018 in Glasgow, where the Hungarian boy wrote history: the first swimmer of open water who could stand on the podium in the European Championship on all three tracks (gold medal of 5 and 25 kilometers, silver ten kilometers).

He continued with writing the history of the World Cup Quangsui, Rasovszky, who won the first title of the world wide open water swimming championship in the Hungarian swimming pool five days ago, but we knew it well, and of course he knew that the really important number would be a race of ten kilometers.

Now it's Tokyo.

According to the rules of qualification, the top ten champions of the World Cup (quota) receive a quota – up to two swimmers from one country can go to Tokyo.

A country whose competitor does not enter the top ten powers will again take over the task next year, but only one quota per country will be available at the World Cup in June.

Well, Kristof Rasovszky had no confidence in anything randomly, and although we could once or twice discover that László Szokolai's student was not there in the first five, he did not undermine his quota because he did not even have ten inches below ten inches.

Moreover, the kilometer before the end fought for the medal!

While French Marc-Antoine Olivier and German Florian Wellbrock pulled out, the Hungarian bun was run by an Hungarian builder. As expected, the last hundred meters brought an incredible battle, and even two leading swimmers were preparing for the battle, and the fate of others behind them.

Christovf Rasovszky finally touched the wall of the fourth, and although he was right behind the podium, he smiled at the target and hit the air with a hand in the shore, indicating he had a quota!

"We talked to the Germans about going from the beginning, we managed to do it, the second was the question who stayed with us, that is, the field was not so broken – he talked to National Sports Kristovs Rasovszky. "It was a strong competition from the beginning, it was a challenge to stay there from end to end." Unfortunately, whenever I wanted to go, someone was always coming from the side, and when the German and French boys went, I could not go after them. I held my position, but I climbed to my feet and this couple of missed steps was enough to really not accelerate to the end. Since there is already a World Cup coin, I can not be disappointed that I missed the podium – and I got a quota in Tokyo! At the Olympic Games, twenty-five swimmers can start with ten kilometers, it will be easier to reach the top of the field. "

Danyel Székelyi, the second Hungarian initiator of this issue, finished 27th.

Swimming open water

World champion: Florian Wellbrock (Germany) 1: 47: 55.9
2. Marc-Antoine Olivier (France) 1: 47: 56.1
3. Rob Muffels (Germany) 1: 47: 57.4
4. Kristovf Rasovszky (Hungary, club: Balaton VesK Veszprém, coach: László Szokolai) 1: 47: 59.5
5. Jordan Wilimovsky (United States) 1: 48: 01.0

27. Dániel Székelyi (Hungary) 1: 50: 11.3

48. Tamás Farkas (Serbia) 1: 52: 36.7

He reports on the National Sports at WB: Gergely Csurka, Boglárka Emese Roska, István Derencsényi (Quangshi), Erika Kovács (Budapest).

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