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Youtube Celeb TV Watcher is the first deadly victim of electric scooters in Britain

Emily Hartridge, a British television star who died in an electric vehicle accident.Photo: Instagram / Emily Hartridge

Emily Hartridge, a British TV personality from the Youtube star, was the victim of the first deadly crash on an electric vehicle in Britain, discovered on Sunday. Hartridge collapsed on a truck on Friday at one of Battersea Circular Crossroads in southwest London.

The death of a star was posted on Instagram. "We all loved him and we never forget him," he said. Several posters, such as DJ Radio 1, Christopher Starck and Davina McCall and Zoe Hardman, expressed their sympathy.

The roundabout, where the accident happened, was restored in 2015. In principle, the goal was to create a separate bike path, but the implementation was criticized because it was said that it was very embarrassing. Of course, he did not reach his goal, and last year a passenger truck was thrown into a cyclist.

However, it is also the fact that in Britain it is forbidden to travel public roads with such electric scooters – or hoverboard, Segway, and other similar horrors – because they are not recognized as vehicles under British law. Nevertheless, millions are used throughout Europe, where their use is also very unregulated. In Budapest, for example, on a sidewalk, between pedestrians, forty, without any protective equipment, rollers risk themselves and others.

British Transport Minister Michael Ellis ordered the heads of large scooter rental companies on Monday to warn them again that they have a duty to warn their customers of compliance with the rules. "Micro-mobility tools are exciting inventions that seem to be looking for. But if we consider them on our paths, security is a top priority," he said, adding that clarifying this issue is an important part of the review of regulations. (Over guard)

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