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Elections in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly: 3% EVM glitches amid a record 75% response | India News

BHOPAL / NEW DELHI: A record response and controversial EVM glitches marked the day of voting in Madhya Pradesh. Huge voters from 75 percent – 3 percent more than 2013 – voted in the most successful elections in 15 years. Even 2,236 EVMs functioned incorrectly, which led to the congress frightening and demanding re-voting in these places.

In Mizoram, in accordance with the tradition of high voting, 80 per cent of the electorate voted. The Election Commission said that the percentage of polls could go over 80.82 percent in 2013 when reports from distant areas are delivered.

Only in the satna district of Satna, more than 20% of the VVPAT machines had to change, postponing the vote. PCC chief Kamal Nath and MP Jyotiradity Scindia raised the alarm at the beginning of the day and asked the EC to extend voting time.

The main election officer of Madhya Pradesh, VL Kantha Rao, said that about 3% of the VVPAT had to change. "This is lower than the number of VVPATs changed during the poll in Karnataka and Cairoan elections. In Chattisgarh, 2% of VVPAT machines have been changed," he said.

"Reports come from across the country that EVM is not working, which affects voting," wrote Kamal Nath. Scindia tweeted: "We wrote to the Election Commission that the voting time at these booths should be extended."

Sources, however, told TOI that only VVPAT was used in Karnataka and Kairani only on a pilot basis and only in Chhatisgarh that VVPATs were used in 100 percent of the polling booths.

CEC OP Rawat said that the high VVPAT failure rate in Satni was due to the fact that VVPATs belonged to the series used in Cairo and Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha in May this year where large volumes of VVPAT were reported (11 , 6 percent of the machine has to be replaced).

"Satna was the first to deliver VVPAT ahead of the Madhya Pradesh elections, and VVPAT design was improved in the meantime, and the production was halted for two months, while the remaining constituencies in Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram received the New Year's VVPAT, Satna completed the delivery of the old series, because there is no system of abolishing the old VVPAT series, "Rawat told TOI.

EC sources say the average VVPAT failure rate is 1.5-1.6 percent. "At 2.5 percent in Madhya Pradesh, this is concern, but not much higher than the average rate of failure," Rawat said.

Despite the verbs, the vote surpassed expectations – even the lowest response of 63 percent to Alirapur was still 8 percent higher than 2013. The largest vote was in Chindvar, 83 percent.

Both the Congress and the BJP feel highly responsive will go their own way. While CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the high response is a sign that people believe in their vikas mantra, adding that the BJP will "win comfortably", Nath believed that people showed BJP doors and Congress would win 140 seats.

"The total voter turnout of 75 percent is reported from the whole country, while voting continues until late in the evening, there may be a marginal increase in the number," Rao said.

Scattered violence was reported in Bhind district where they fired at four positions despite the fact that the EC set up five candidates in "home arrest" until 4.30 am to prevent violence. The administration claimed that they were only invited to the meeting. At Mehgaon's headquarters, the voter shot at his head and critically injured himself.

A fiery agent was attacked at a stand in Atero and clashed between supporters of the BJP and the Congress in the village of Akoda. Shots were fired at three places near the voting booths in Bhind town.

On irregularities in the EVM, Rao said: "In the Satna constituency, the returning officer was not in a standstill EVM, and the substitutions had to be brought from the neighboring districts and districts. They had to be calibrated, but the polls began smoothly on all district polling stations at 13:30. "

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