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England vs New Zealand Live Score, World Cup 2019 Final: Chris Woakes removes Martine Guptillo early | Cricket News


Transitions 6.2: T
Martin Guptill! The original referee's decision is excluded. Chris Woakes is back in action. This time he captures Guptill in front of the stump. Replay clearly shows that the ball hits the middle stump. It's Guptill
OUT as a decision on the field remains. He returns after he has reached 19 runs.
NZ 29/1

Place OVER 6: 4 escapes from Archer.
New Zealand 28/0

Legends of the game.

Place OVER 5: Great through Woakes. Only 2 runs away from him.
New Zealand 24/0

Place OVER 4: 12 ran away from Archer.
New Zealand 22/0

OVER 3.3: FOUR! Guptill breaks the Sagittarius by the debt.
New Zealand 20/0

OVER 3.2: SIX! The first six New Zealand changes. Short of Archer. Guptill plays a wonderful cut through a third man for beauty.
New Zealand 16/0

Place OVER 3: 2 runs away from Woakes.
New Zealand 10/0

OVERS 2.3: OVERVIEW! A loud appeal from Woakes against Nicholas. Umpire says OUT. Nicholls talks to Guptill and looks for a review. The ball is missing the stumps. NOT ARE OUT.
New Zealand 8/0

Place OVER 2: Three escaped Archer.
New Zealand 8/0

OVERS 1.5: Loudly caught behind Archer's appeal against Guptill. England celebrates. Referee says NO. Morgan does not go for a review. The ball kissed the thigh.

Jofra Archer is coming under attack

Place OVER 1: 5 escapes through Woakes.
New Zealand 5/0

0.5: FOUR! The first border of New Zealand. Guptill shoots a ball wide towards the goal from the left.

The opening of New Zealand Martin Guptill and Henry Nicholls are in the middle. Chris Woakes will open an attack on England. Go…

Both teams lined up for the hymns

CAPTAINS & # 39; TAKE: t


We got a stick. Tough decision. The original surface, but the conditions above the head make it confusing. We have a job first with a stick. We're playing the same team. Half-time was difficult for both sides, but we are happy to cross the limit in that game. You always support Guptill with a stick. He will play with freedom. Our team played with a lot of hearts and struggles and so much has crossed the line. The number of parts that differ from the final for 2015, different staff, but each experience is positive for learning. It's the other day and everything can happen. The victory will be incredibly special, but before that we have to play good cricket.


There were 50-50 calls. The director will rely on the ball. No matter which side the game is better, it will raise the trophy. Jonny is fully in shape, and we play the same XI. The biggest part in Edgbaston was our bowling. If we can put our ball in the early field today, we have a great chance. I'm extremely proud. They've all put up hard work in the past four years. We accepted pressure throughout the tournament, and the semifinal confirmed this.


New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson (captain), Ross Taylor, James Neesham, Tom Latham (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (Captain), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

TIMES CHANGE: Both sides are unchanged.

TOSS: Captain of New Zealand Kane Williamson wins, throws himself against England in Lord's

It's time for TOSS, folks.


It was a little rain in the morning. But the sun is right now and the terrain is bright and tough. Much greener than expected in a one-day game. This is a lot with a lot of grass, so there will be early movement of the seam.
– Sourav Ganguly


All four matches at the Lord's at the 2019 World Cup won team battles first.

– Pakistan defeated South Africa with 49 runs
– Australia beat England with 64 runs
– Australia beat New Zealand with 86 runs
– Pakistan has won Bangladesh with 94 runs

Meet the officials of the final crash match in the Lord

A look at the dressing rooms of England and New Zealand.

14:22 IST: UPDATE: TOSS will be postponed in 15 minutes. Now it will happen at 2:45 pm IST.

Pitch for the finals of the World Cup

WATCH: Soccer skills Jofre Archer

WATCH: Jofra Archer shows his incredible skills

Lord's Honor Committee

Can Eoin Morgan's man create a history today?

14:01 IST: Rain is now stopped in London

13:37 IST:
In London, it is currently raining. According to the MET Department in the UK, there will be no rain between 14:30 and 16:30 IST. However, due to the current weather situation, there might be a delayed start.

Updating the time from the Lord's

What is your prediction?


vs Sri Lanka (1st June) – New Zealand won 10 wickets

vs Bangladesh (June 5) – New Zealand won 2 wickets

vs Afghanistan (June 8) – New Zealand won 7 wickets

vs India (13 June) – The match is abandoned due to rain without a ball

vs South Africa (June 19) – New Zealand won 4 wickets

vs West Indies (June 22) – New Zealand won 5 runs

Pakistan vs Pakistan (June 26) – Pakistan wins 6 wickets

vs Australia (June 29) – Australia won with 86 runs

vs England (July 3) – England won 119 games

Semifinals vs India (July 10) – New Zealand won with 18 runs


vs South Africa (May 30) – England won 104 runs

vs Pakistan (June 3rd) – Pakistan won 14 runs

vs Bangladesh (June 8) – England won 106 runs

vs West Indies (14 June) – England won with 8 wickets

vs Afghanistan (June 25) – England won with 150 runs

vs Sri Lanka (June 21) – Sri Lanka won with 20 runs

vs Australia (June 25) – Australia won 64 runs

vs India (June 30) – England won with 31 runs

vs New Zealand (July 3) – England won 119 games

Semifinals vs Australia (July 11) – England won 8 wickets

Here's a review of today's time:


England and New Zealand are ready. Did you?

Today is the finals of England and New Zealand!

13:00 IST:

Welcome and welcome to Live coverage of the ICC World Cup final 2019 between England and New Zealand in the Lord's in London.


England Eoina Morgan faced New Zealand on Sunday in Lorraine in a desperate attempt to win the World Cup for the first time after four years of grave graft.

When England came out of the tournament in 2015 after an unfortunate defeat by Bangladesh, several have led them to be potential champions four years later.

As Captain Morgan said: "If you offered us a position to play in the final one day after we were kicked out of the 2015 World Cup, I would have laughed at you."

One person who did not laugh was Andrew Strauss, former director of cricket in England.

Made in a new role, Strauss began the overhaul that saw former captain of England appoint Trevor Bayliss as Australia coach and puts more emphasis on white cricket.

The value of this work was revealed when England, now at the top of the one-day international ranking, shifted Australia's current eight-seeders in the semifinals in Edgbaston with a kind of performance that justified their billing as favorites prior to the tournament.

Pacemen Jofra Archer and Chris Woakes have destroyed the top order, night-time spinner Adil Rashid crossed the dynamic duo Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow with another brilliant partnership.

Captain Steve Waugh, the Australian World Cup winner, said England could be one of the biggest teams in one-day international history if they win Sunday.

But the challenge for the host country, looking for the first title in the 44-year history of the World Cup, is to embrace a weekly occasion with the Lord without disturbing their "fearless" brand of cricket.

"It's the peak of four years of hard work and dedication, lots of planning and it's a great opportunity to continue and try to win the World Cup," Morgan said.

The back-to-back defeat of group stages from Sri Lanka and Australia effectively saw England play knockout cricket before the semifinals, but returned their campaign to the track with impressive victories against India and New Zealand.

"I think that helped us, because it was made to be more positive and aggressive and a bit smarter about how we play. It was kind of the last fat one," explained Morgan.

New Zealand, who also never won the World Cup, helped England change the approach by humiliating them in Wellington four years ago and can not be underestimated after Virat Kohli came out of India in the semifinals.

The finalists who lost in 2015 have a well-balanced attack led by Trent Boult on the left hand, but their hit was heavily reliant on captain Kane Williamson, who scored 548 runs in the tournament with a remarkable average of 91.33 and Ross Taylor.

Williams said his party was happy to accept his loser status, recognizing that England deserves to be a favorite.

"But no matter what dog we are, it's important to focus on the cricket we want to play," he said. "And we've seen over the years that anyone can win anybody – regardless of dog breed."

While some domestic team members were not even born when England made the last of the three losses in the 1992 World Cup finals, Black Caps have experienced their heavy defeat by Australian hosts in the peak of Melbourne's 2015 edition.

But there is a feeling that England will never have a better chance.

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