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Man City News: & # 39; We want it & # 39; – Pep Guardiola eager to sign Sane for a new job because of Bayern's interest

The wings are linked to the exit, the club manager wants to keep one of his young stars, who will still be forced to fight for his place.

Pep Guardiola has no plans to allow Leroy Saneu to leave Manchester City because he wants to back the Premiership team out of season.

Sane was on the edge of the city squad sometimes this season, and Guardiola often preferred Raheem Sterling and Bernard Silva in wide positions.

The German international has still collected 46 appearances in all competitions, having scored 16 goals and securing 10 assists in the league.

However, Sane, who has two years on the deal, is linked to the withdrawal to Germany, and Bayern Munich giants are reportedly interested in the 23-year-old.

Guardiola, however, rejected the suggestion that it was open for sale to Sane, confirming that City, who wants to secure Watford's home triple victory in the FA Cup final on Saturday, is continuing well with attempts to secure the wing to a new deal.

"We have been trying to sign it for one and a half years [new] contract. We want him, "said Guardiola at a press conference.

"If you want to extend the contract, that's because you want it. You will not renew his contract because you do not want it.

"It's like [Ilkay] Gundogan, for example – this is the same case.

"About the transfer window, hypothetical arrivals and expenses is not the time. It's after the game and after the game I'm on vacation."

"He competes with Sterling and Bernard Silve. It's not easy." "If you want to play for four-way competitions, we need Leroy, Sterling, Riyad [Mahrez], Bernardo, we can not compete in quadruple with only two wings.

"They have to fight each other and play the best they can to convince me to put them in order."

Despite being unwilling to exhaust himself on City's plans for the transfer window, Guardiola admitted he would seek to bring players to refresh his team.

"Today is difficult with transfers, because everything is so expensive, the agents are so expensive," Guardiola said.

"Sometimes it takes more time to buy a player because of an agent than a player from another club, so today [transfers] it's not easy, but we have to do some moves for the next season, yes, because people want to leave, players want to play.

"They accept that they do not play for a certain period, but when the period is long, it's normal that they want to play more.

"I fully understand that when players do not play regularly they want to play more or that they are completely happy when they play regularly and when their lives are really sad when they do not.

"I will not say how much, because it depends on many things."

One player who could leave City is Captain Vincent Kompany, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

The company played a key role in winning the title of the city, achieving a brilliant 1: 0 win over Leicester City, and Guardiola hopes that Saturday's clash at Wembley will not be the last match for defenders, although he suggested that the Belgian Fitness issues are long-term care.

"I hope I will not," Guardiola said to the question whether the Company is leaving.

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"We talked to Vinny, we will talk after this game, but my words are unnecessary for what he has been doing for the last few weeks and his career.

"Vinny has again shown when he is able to do what he is able to do." That's the top. "The problem is between November and February and March, and we often lost because of this.

"He does not have to show me his skills, he has it, he's incredibly good, he's good enough, he's just in shape, that's the only reason."

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