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Tata Motors announces free monsoon control camps throughout the country

Tata Motors will launch a free monsoon control campaign in the country from July 15 to July 25. The elected representatives across the country will also implement new car displays, loan loans and a free assessment of old cars.

As part of the bids offered on those days, customers can use discounts on roadside assistance policy (RSA), spare parts, work as well as refueling and oil change. Customers will receive a 10% discount on RSA policies sold during the Monsoon campaign. Similarly, discounts of up to 10 percent for personal segment customers and 15 percent for fleet segment customers can be used to replace oil or refill, respectively.

Speaking on that occasion, Subhajit Roy, senior general manager and chief concern for customers, Tata Motors, said that "Customer Service in Tata Motors is the key to its business, which has evolved over the years. We have introduced a wide range of services to keep up the pace with changing market demands and timely satisfy all customer needs by maintaining competitive and improving quality, resulting in an improved second position in the JD Power customer service index.With the introduction of a free monsoon check camp, we will take care of all owners of passenger cars and utility vehicles Tata Motors, this month. We firmly believe that after-sales services are imperative to improve user experience, and annual service camps serve as an ideal platform for better customer feedback and understanding of their aspirations. "

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