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The Chinese thermal device reaches 100 million degrees

The Chinese thermal device reaches 100 million degrees

The plasma electron temperature is about 100 million years. Underground gradually reached 2018 in EAST. Credit: EAST

The Tokamak Experimental Improved Superconducting (EAST), which is called the Chinese Artificial Sun, has reached its peak plasma more than 100 million degrees during the four-month experiments. About seven times as high as the Sun's Sun, ie about 15 million degrees C.

As the experiment shows, China has made considerable progress in the production of thermonuclear energy based on Tokamak.

The experimental SCO team was co-hosted by the HEPA Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Sciences (CASHIPS) with domestic and international partners.

Plasma density profile is optimized by synergy and efficient integration of four types of heat: low hybrid wave heat, electron cyclotron wave heating, resonance heat of ionic cyclotron and heating of neutral beam ions.

The power output exceeded 10 MW and increased to 300 kJ of energy in plasma. The experiment uses advanced plasma control and theory / modeling prediction.

Scientists conducted experiments on equilibrium, instability, restriction and transport in plasma, plasma-wall interactions and physics of energy particles. Heat leakage using ITER-type tungsten diversity.

With the conditions of ITER, such as the dominant temperature of the waves, the low torque and tungsten conductors, the SHEE has achieved incomplete inductive steady-state scenario with increased thermal efficiency at high density, at high temperatures and at high temperatures. hold.

Expansion of the scenario of the East in 2018, comparing its energy retention with the factor strengthening it to the ITER base scenario. Credit: EAST

In addition, for the solution of particles and energy consumption, which is crucial for high-productive continuous operation, FOLLOW has used a variety of methods to control the localized modes of metal walls and tungsten mixes with metal walls, as well as the heat load of the divergent active feedback control.

Stand-alone high-performance H-mode and 100 million units in stand-by mode. Operating scenarios, including electronic temperatures exceeding the degrees, have made a unique contribution to the ITER, the Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) and DEMO.

These results provide key data for testing heat, transport, and current drives. They also increase the reliability of predicting aggregate performance for CFETR.

At present, CFETR physics design focuses on optimizing the 3-evolutionary machine with a radius of 7 m, small radiation of 2 m, 6.5-7 toroidal toroidal magnetic field and 13 MP plasma current.

In order to support CFETR's engineering development and the future DEMO, a new national mega-science project – a comprehensive research center will be launched this year.

This new project will enable the development of tritium testing modules, superconducting technology, heating and current drive drives and sources and diverting materials for the reactor.

OUTDOOR SUPERMARKET TOYBAK with round non-cross section in the world. It was designed and constructed by China, focusing primarily on science-related issues related to the use of futures energy. EAST Since its inception in 2006, EAST has become a fully open test platform for the World Fusion Association, which can conduct steady state operations and ITER-related physics research.

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OUTPUT operates in continuous mode in extended mode

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