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Fact 29 Sarah's employees accused of helping protesters drink them allow them to wash themselves

JAKARTA, – A total of 29 Sarinah Building employees, arrested during the May 21-22 riots, filed a lawsuit before the Central Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (08/14/2019).

The 29 accused are Zulfikar, Nazarkhan, Hardian, Febriantoro, Ridwan, Ichrom, Anwar, Gunawan, Hariyono, Tara Arbyansyah.

Then Nurakhman, Agus Sarohman, Trio Prasetio, Hendri Basuki, Syachrie, Sucipto, Deki Aries, Suyamto, Suhendar, Habib Musa, Achmad Sanusi, Supriyadi, Syahril, Mugiyanto, Felix Ganang, Handori, Ahmadi, Hermawan, Ph.

Detail 29 Sarah's staff consists of 26 insurance people, 2 technicians and 1 person cleaning service.

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As many as 29 of the 75 people who went to trial in Central Jakarta District Court yesterday found themselves indicted by the general authorities. This case is being tried in another courtroom.

Reading the indictment became the main agenda of this trial.

Here are the facts made by regarding the May 29 riots:

1. The defendant allowed the protesters to enter the Sarinah building

While reading the indictment, Public Prosecutor Yurich Mohda said 29 of these workers assisted protesters against the police.

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