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Persia is always defamatory of a bad club

KOMPAS.com – Director of Persia Jakarta, Gede Widiade, said his team was a bad club in Indonesia. This status makes Persia always harmed by other supporters.

According to Gede, Persia was poor because she did not have a stadium that could be used in Jakarta and its surroundings. Although there are several stadiums such as Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (Senayan), Patriot Stadium (Bekasi), Pakorsari Stadium (Bogor Regency) and Wibawa Mukti Stadium (Cikarang), Persia rarely plays.

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Persia must even use the stadium of Sultan Agung, Bantul, Yogyakarta, to become his home. The transfer of the city was concerned about Gedea who was with Persia for two years.

"If sadness is normal, I will be thrown out because the team is poor, expelled, oath, shocked," Gede told Persia, Duren Tiga, in southern Jakarta on Wednesday (November 28, 2013).

"As if what Persia is doing, what is Jak Mania is always a minus, but it's a challenge," Gede added.

Gede is very sure whether Persia has a stadium, there must be many who say that the club is rich. Insults and verbal violence will never come to the capital.

"Maybe we do not insult this if we have a stadium, but because we do not have everything, so we have to be introspective that we do not have training fields, playgrounds, offices do not have no money, no transportation, we do not have our money, so we have to work," said Gede .

"Apart from what I said before I do not have it, we have only one, proud, proud, unique, unity between businesses and fans The Jak Mania," Gede added.

Gede also thanked Jak Mania, who has always been loyal to Persia so far. The presence of The Jak Mania, which made Persia continue to live, is indisputable.

"So, once again, we can live not because of others, but only because of Jak Mania," Gede said.

"If you like Persia, there are many brothers, and I understand human nature more," Gede concluded. (Mochamad Hary Prasetya)

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