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Reasons for Meyriske and Roger Danuart's marriage break in Medan

Medan – The reason why Cut Meyrick and Roger Danuart's marriage ceremony was finally revealed. It turned out to be the request of his wife's father, who became the legal wife of Roger Danuart.

"Because this is his birthplace and we have a home here. So Aceh families can come here. We want to bring all the families together in this happiest event," explained Suriadi AK, Mayrisk's father, cutting the father of the media team on Saturday (17 ) / 8/2016).

Meanwhile, Cut Meyriska also commented on the marriage contract. When alluded to a dowry of 150 grams of gold, said a woman known by the name Chika, it didn't make sense. It's just Aceh's custom.

"50 Mayan gold is an achenic custom. It makes no sense to anything," Chika explained.

The art couple were amazed by the traditional wedding ceremony they had. Not only Roger, Chika also claimed to be fascinated.

"Maybe it's not just Roger, I just found out there are many more acenic customs. There are dances and other events," he explained.

They also asked for prayers to become better characters in the future. "Just pray that we get better," Roger said.

He also thanked him after being a married couple. "Thank God it's legal," he said simply.

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