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Recognize the symptoms of lung cancer before it's too late

If cough is prolonged, you must be careful!

Dream Friends of dreams They certainly experienced cough. Coughing often becomes a disease that is socially underestimated. In fact, various dangerous diseases begin with cough symptoms.

If you experience an extended cough, Friends of dreams It must be cautious, it could be a symptom of lung cancer. Continuous, prolonged coughing is often blood.

"If coughing does not heal for 4 weeks, there are indications of infection or tuberculosis, and if eight weeks do not get healed, malignancy can occur, so it must be examined, not just consumed by drugs," said Alex Ginting, Pulmonologist in Gran Melia, southern Jakarta, on Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

This control also prevents later handling. Moreover, if known, the patient entered the final stage.

"Almost all patients who come to the hospital are in stages 3B to 4".

Symptoms of lung cancer

In addition to coughing that does not heal. Other symptoms are not typical, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue with no apparent cause, an island in the face or neck, headache and bones, reduced weight, hoarseness, swallowing difficulties and convex fingers.

The importance of recognizing symptoms and treatment early is not only to prevent the severity of the disease, but also to know the most appropriate method of treatment.

Test method

"Everybody handles it differently, it's not just chemotherapy and radiation, but more precisely, you can check the EGFR and ALK check," he said.

While EGFR and ALK examine, doctors can find out what the person's genotype needs.

However, this test is quite expensive and is still rarely practiced on the market.

"The price is up to six digits, only in a few places like Dharmais, Siloam and other pharmaceutical companies," he added.

You can also choose general test methods such as CT Scan, abnormal blood tests, X-ray and MR. (ism)

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