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Take Denmark's deputy Markus / Kevin to Hong Kong's open quarterfinal – Indonesian man pair pair, Marcus Ferndie Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Denmark's representative Mathias Boe / Carsten Mogensen after reaching the 2018 Hong Kong Open quarterfinals.

Kevin / Marcus Hong Kong The Colosseum, Kowloon, was forced to play three games to win the 17th place in the second round of the match on Thursday (11/15/2018).

Kevin / Markus takes more than an hour to win with a score of 16-21, 21-19, 21-9.

These two couples persecute each other, and the numbers are very dense since the start of the first game. Strive for numbers that work closely with numbers from 1-1 to 7-7.

Markus / Kevin 10-7, left the first game 10-11 in the interval.

In the fast pace of the game, Markus / Kevin dropped out of pressure from the Danish couple.

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However, Marcus / Kevin is behind the Boe / Mogensen pair with 15-17 points.

Finally, the Danish team won the first game with 21-16 points.

Mathias Bo's lead / Carsten Mogensen strikes the second game. At the beginning of the second match Markus / Kevin was ahead 6-0.

An additional force to fall after Kevin's return hit The Indonesian pair, led by Mogensen, advanced 11-10 in the second interval.

After the break, two partners returned to each other's number and made 16-16 reports.

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Finally, Marcus / Kevin was able to strengthen the rubber game after winning the second game with a score of 21-19.

The third game starts with the first point for Markus / Kevin, but is equal to Be / Moden, so the score is 1-1.

After that, the Indonesian team took the lead in the third game with a score of 11-6.

The duo duet of Minnesota also raised the 17-8 advantage over the Danish pair.

The third game was won by Markus / Kevin with a score of 21-9. (Bayu Nur Cahyo)

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