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The mobile game market is more represented, developers need to be more focused

Singapore – All the crowded mobile games market makes new developers more careful. Especially if they want their products to be spotted by potential users.

This was stated by Kunal Soni, Director of Business Development at Google Play Southeast Asia, India and Australia. According to him, developers, especially Indian, need to focus more on creating content that is more attractive to users.

"With an open platform, with the opportunity for all, developers must create content that is attractive to users," Sony said at Google Asia Pacific, Singapore on Wednesday, November 28, 2013. "Therefore, it will be even more important to ensure that they focus on the quality of their products and user engagement in order to create meaningful interactions with users," he continued.

Kunal Suni, Google Play Manager for Southeast Asia, India and Australia.Kunal Suni, Google Play Manager for Southeast Asia, India and Australia. Photo: Virgina Maulita Putri / detikINET

According to Sony, although the mobile game market seems to be crowded, all are good games that the players receive positively. He claimed that he often finds games with a 1-star rating and the main reason is that the game is unstable.

Sony has also discovered that mobile game interest in Southeast Asia continues to increase. This has encouraged more affordable mobile phones to play games. As a result, the mobile game market in this region is increasingly crowded.

For this reason, this Indian bloody man has called developers to take advantage of the maximum. One of them is participating in an accelerator program, such as the Google Play Indie Games Accelerator.

"Programs like the Indie Games Accelerator are important because developers can understand the tools, tips, and best ways to ensure that they understand their life cycle, from development to design, so that their chances of success are getting bigger," said Sonny. (vim / afr)

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