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The "online" taxi driver is frightened by the death penalty

TANGERANG, – Invisible Reskrim Polresta Tangerang says AKP plans to kill taxi driver Gogo Galesung FF, REH and RLP online JST (68), Monday (5/11/2018).

Police found the guilty party guilty of a murders planned in conjunction with Article 365 of the Criminal Code, Article 365 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Abduction by Violence.

Gogo, Tangerang Regency, Mapolresta Tangerang, Tangerang Regency, said on Monday (11/12/2018). "This murder was committed to killing 340 (KUHP) murders, life imprisonment, or death.

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Gogo said that three murders were planned for killing. The suspects developed a knife to beat the ANN, and the rope hit the victim.

Indeed, guilty people prepared cabinets for the JST bodies on the bottom of the Giracap River, Pasar Kemi, and Tangerang Regency. The police are still investigating the matter.

"Thus, Teluk Gong (JST) was killed and then binds the suspected balbala, looking for stones on the road, from the very beginning brought a cart to the rope … After making necklace (cable) to the river," Gogo said.

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JST FF, REH and RLP taxi driver were killed online The elderly arrived and on Monday evening, Duta Harapan Indah and Telouk Gong gathered three guilty people.

The suspect ordered a taxi online With JST driver. During the guilty assassination, the JST was shot dead and beaten with a knife.

The ANN body was later dumped into the Kirkagab River, Pasar Kemi, Tangerang Regensent. This is done because they want to rob the ANN car.

FF and REH were provided on Friday (11/09/2018) and Monday morning at different locations. Police still hunt a criminals with the name RLP, which is still so large.

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