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A 61 year old man dies four months in his home

Louise Rosingruw

A 61 year-old man died in the last months of his life.

At the Dublin Coroner's Court in early January 2017, Drend Loogayr, Drend Loghair, heard about the death of Jones Plunct, but his body was not found until April 8, 2017.

The court heard that a man began his lifelong lifestyle after the death of his mother and changed the locks of his own family.

"It was unhealthy to not open the door for her," says a man's mother, Polina Fox.

Last time she saw her alive at the end of November 2016 and had a telephone conversation on the Christmas Day.

One neighbor warned on April 8, 2017 when he saw blue lights on the back of the house.

He went to the scene immediately and said that his brother had died.

He called to Gardi on that day and went to the place of inquiry.

They called Dublin brigades to enter the house through the back door. It turned out that Mr Postple had fallen to the front door. GARDI found a staircase on the floor next to him and dipped in blood near the body.

"The call came with a distant neighbor, who reported that she had not seen her for some time," said Gai Loren O'Hare, from the Laoghira Gardar station in Dun Laoghaire.

"The family members came and told me that he had escaped from the rest of his family," said Shay.

"The inbound calls were anonymous, but neighbors said it was unusual to see him. The latter have seen him in front of Christmas, "said Gida Shi.

A man was a social security recipient, and he regularly paid for his payments. However, the last payment that he collected was at the beginning of January.

Gardai used dental records for officially identifying and subsequently a death penalty. During the inspection, the patient's blood circulation was detected.

"It's going to happen if this bleeding from the brain is hitting you," says Coroner Dr Myra Cullinane.

Family members from the public gallery said they were at the entrance of the house's safety box and used the staircase to reach it.

"He fell down the staircase and hit him on the head and made it a tragic condition. It is difficult to set the time, but it may have happened in early January," writes the editor, recalling the death penalty.

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