Wednesday , March 3 2021

CEO of Qualcomm suggests that the chip maker and Apple will soon kiss and reimburse

Apple and Qualcomm sued each other more than once. Qualcomm says Apple owes a few billion dollars, and Apple says it is overpaid for Qualcomm's modem chips. Things have become so bad between the two companies that Apple rely solely on Intel's modem chips for the 2018 iPhone. According to a number taken during the summer, both firms are involved in more than 50 separate intellectual property and antitrust lawsuits filed in 16 jurisdictions, covering six countries.

But today at CNBC, Qualcomm's Executive Director Steve Mollenkopf said his company is "at the forefront" of resolving the differences it has with Apple. Speaking to CNBC Jim Cramer, the executive director said that the two companies are talking. Using a sports analogy, Mollenkopf said that the battle with Apple was in the "fourth quarter of the game, not the first quarter." CEO Qualcomm spoke about the conflicts with Apple that ended in October 2017.

Even if Qualcomm and Apple are kissed and made up by the end of this year, it may be too late for Qualcomm's modem chips to be used on iPhone 2019 models. But the chip maker could get its 5G modem inside iPhones for 2020. This could be the first device Apple to support the next generation of wireless connectivity.

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