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Disabled girl ran to A&E after "head-crashed" fell into B&Q stroller

A B&Q representative is investigating allegations that a young disabled child sustained head injuries after falling off a shopping cart.

Tiffany Zimband's mother says she was in shock after suffering a concussion after a shop accident in Cheltenham.

The 4-year-old, who has Down's Syndrome and skin condition, was urgently transferred to the nearest A&E after the fall.

Her mum 40-year-old Michelle Owino told Gloucestershire Live that her insect had "cracked her head" and was severely nibbling on her back.

The mother and daughter were sent home from the hospital with a handful of prescribed painkillers and a pamphlet for head injuries.

Doctors at Cheltenham General Hospital told a worried mom to keep a close eye on Tiffany for at least 72 hours.

Tott's back in the crash was also badly bruised

Mr Owino claimed the incident would leave Tiffany so terrified of a wheelchair that she would have to push her around in wheelchair shops, making it "very difficult" to shop.

She: "I'm not happy. I'll write a letter because it has Down Syndrome – it's very difficult.

"It could affect her all her life, in terms of shock. She will no longer feel safe going in a wheelchair so that makes it very difficult for me.

"It's absolutely disgusting what happened."

Also suffering from joint hypermobility syndrome – also known as double joint – Tiffany occasionally relies on a wheelchair to move around.

Tiffany with mother Michelle Owino

The medical condition affects her balance, often causing her additional pain.

Her mom was at B&Q, in Golden Valley Retail Park on the outskirts of Cheltenham, buying laminate beads at the time of the crash.

Mrs. Owino, the permanent guardian of her daughter, took her to a child seat in a stroller.

As her back swiveled, the plastic seat snapped and sent Tiffany to fall into the metal bed of the cart.

The angry girl then "screamed" as Mrs. Owino rushed to help.

After the accident, Mom said she was "lucky to be alive."

She said: "She fell back. Her head cracked at the bottom of the cart.

"The back of the stroller seat was glued to her back. The plastic morsel he was sitting on in his recess completely separated from the metal.

Ms Owino said the plastic infant seat had squeezed in and sent her daughter crashing into a metal trolley bed

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"She shot her head very hard. She was in terrible shock. You don't expect the seat to cede to the child. That could kill her."

Neither did the staff to assist Ms. Owino and her oldest daughter, 16-year-old Chantelle, she claimed.

B&Q has committed to investigating the cause of the accident.

A company spokesman said: "We can confirm that there was a customer complaint at our Cheltenham store on August 13, 2019, which included seat carts. We are investigating the use of the carts so we can respond to the complaint."

Ms. Owino is in the process of registering a formal complaint with the DIY giant.

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