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Ireland has made three trips to New Zealand in 2022

In November 2021, Ireland will go to New Zealand in 2022, with the exception of placing All Blacks in November. In the decade Ireland will have the first route.

Ireland and New Zealand are negotiating to end the tour of the Rugby Union, but three trials are expected to be put forward.

Tours to New Zealand at the end of June were the most difficult and desirable, providing the most challenging issue ever to get off the seasonal trend.

Ireland has lost 12 tests against all weapons in New Zealand and the proposed 2022 tour was the first in Ireland in 2012.

At the end of the 52nd World Cup season, this track was a very difficult exercise, which was 60-0 in the third attempt at Hamilton, and a week after Nigel Owens' opponent against Ireland. Den Carter's goal scored.

Let's face it in 2022, Andy Farrell would get Joe Schmidt, because Ireland's head coach had finished his next World Cup post. When it comes to moving the model that All Blacks have taken, this is the role of Farrell after some time, and maybe the role of the Revolution along with Stewart Lancaster from England days.

In any case, tells the story of next Saturday's world champions next Saturday, Farrell says, "You would be coming to New Zealand this week. They are the best team in the world and we are delighted. We want to play as much as possible against them. "

"Why? We want to test ourselves and we want to keep up the ladder. If we play them weekly, it would be good for us, as it would be good for our development. "

Over the next four years, it is planned to spend New Zealand in November 2021 in Ireland.

Farrell had a decent record of "All Blacks", although he was a defensive coach in England (Twickenham, 2012), Ireland (Chicago, 2016) and Lviv (Wellington, 2017), "I'm a lot more than I won them."

"There is no secret to beating all the secrets, and there is no doubt that it is the most stringent test for any defense and for various reasons.

Very good

"They have no fear and no fear, play a good game, have a break, and play fast. All guys are comfortable for the ball. They did not miss anyone, are they? They are all good strikers.

"Even their early walks feel good time and space. They are already playing the system. They do not try to invent a wheel. What they are doing is so good.

Farrell can safely be safeguarded by the League, traveling to New Zealand last year. All this analysis; all this experience. But this is all the lesson, the first challenge is not less.

"The first game they played in the heart was sincere. This is really a problem for the first time we are physically more physically involved than we are. They played very tight, tried to remove our network speed [in defence]. In the second game, we responded and responded. There is a lesson that teaches you to start with a lesson.

Ireland did not eliminate the fear factor when they played for the 29th time at the end of All Blacks, but that was not a blow to Farrell's thoughts.

"In my opinion, they fear the players because they want to give good results. If they appear once a year, they will know this opportunity. We've been playing them for the last two years, so we're afraid to put forward our best footing and make sure we keep our records individually and collectively. In my opinion, fear will reduce us a bit. "

Ireland worked very well with Ireland's Pumas inventive game, but Ireland had six rounds of breaks, and nobody liked the breaks that had led to Argentina's three days at Farrell.

"Of course it's a concern, because you do not like to break anyone, especially from the stacker. There are some guys who can find solutions, and we hope we'll be linking them again.

Sexton, Fallon, and Jack McGrat were on the same Lions series, but he was also named Sean O'Brien and Conor Murray.

"You look like Luke, looking at Maranna and his body [McGrath] and Coons [John Cooney]. They are really one of the animals. They are not afraid of contact "9s" so we are in a good location.

Farrell is also proud of last year's Will Addison's full debut and Harry Ringhouz, as well as the other external center, Connacht's released Tom Foster, will train this week at Carton House.

Ireland's Under-16s and World Cup competitions.

August, 2019: Italy (home), England (far), Wales (far), Wales (home).

June 2020: Australia summer excursion (two tests) and 2 levels (1 test).

November 2020: Australia, South Africa, Level 2.

June 2021: Summer tour for the Pacific Islands (two tests).

November 2021: New Zealand, Argentina and Theater 2.

Summer of 2022: New Zealand (three trials).

November 2022: South Africa, Australia and Tier 2.

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