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News from Arsenal: Arsenal defended the Premier League remotely

Arsenal has become another animal under Emery (Picture: Getty)

Arsenal was the top spot in the Premier League this season, while Unai Emery team scored 1,375.7 kilometers.

Despite the priorities of Arsenal, there is no player in Chelsea's H & H Balloons from Chelsea.

Gunners only sends local opponents Tottenham to the top of charts, and the success of Emery is seen as an important indicator of his work in the Emirates.

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Emery appeared in Arsenal in a new era after Arsen Wenger's departure and has recently set off in eleven games.

Although Arsenal is at the top of the distance charts, Liverpool is in charge of the league's total sprint.

Considering that Jürgen Klopp likes to blow up explosions, there are no surprises in these areas, Red and Mohamed Salah.

Teams: Covered by distance

1. ARENENAL is 1375.7 km

TOTTENHAM 1370.7km


4. BOURNEMOUTH is 1354.2 km

5. CHELSEA 1347.8km

Sprint – Key to Salah and Liverpool game (Picture: Getty)

Salah is ranked third in the list of individual sprinters with 210 lycées, Ben Chillwell 252 on the complete board of Leicester City.

Liverpool wins the Manchester City team this season and knows that they are in front of sprint defenders.

The city finished 1454 sprints, but Liverpool reached 1486.

Players: covered by distance

1. KANTE (CEL) – 141.87 km
MILIVOEVEVICh (Palace) – 140.69 km
3. NEVES (WOLVES) – 138.63 km

It is more than any other Premier League (Picture: Getty)

However, as Arsenal and Liverpool are ahead of the statistical teams, Kante proves himself to be the most loyal employee of the league.

The Kantese block closed the distance of 141.87 km from the midfielder of Crystal Palace Liu Milivojic and the Wolff star Ruben Nevest.

The statistics show that Kanteen Maurizio continues to play with Sarri, and French still works.

Chelsea fans will be delighted to see Jorginho's summer signings in the fourth spot in the table.


1. LIVERPOOL – 1486
2. MAN CITY – 1454
ARSENAL – 1415
EVERTON – 1385

3. Salva (LIVERPOOL) – 210

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