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The health care company advises older people living in nursing homes to have more sex with these six best advices

It could be a favorite time for many people in their younger days, but sex is generally not understood as an elderly hobby.

When our grandparents or mum and dad move to a home for care, we expect them to give their time to bingo and social games, or at least hopefully in any case.

But recent research shows that many men and women in the United Kingdom are actually sexually active in their 90s.

Thus, the Royal College of Nursing wrote a detailed guide to protection workers to help resolve sexuality among residents.

The guide covers everything from the rules on the treatment of erectile dysfunction to help older people increase their sexual activity.

Sex toys and pornography

It even suggests the use of sexual toys and pornography to increase the sexual life of the OAP.

Dawne Garett, a Royal College of Hospital nurses, said: "Just because people live in a care home do not know how to lose the same rights, choices and responsibilities they once enjoyed in their home, as long as it does not affect the rights of other residents.

"Pet bidders should develop a policy that respects the sexuality of their residents.

"They must provide support and appropriate training to home care staff to ensure that every citizen treats the unique and best evidence to promote the health and well-being of residents, their partners, families and carers."

People who live in care homes are encouraged to have more sex.

AXA PPP Healthcare supports the basis of this guide and appreciates that aging does not necessarily mean that a person's sexual movement is diminishing.

The health institution has published top tips for those who do not live only in care homes, but also for those who are at a certain age.

Five of the best sexual tips for over 55 years

1. Lubrication – As the female hormone level becomes lower during menopause, vaginal tissue can become thin and dry, and sex can be unpleasant for a woman.

Using lubricants can help make sex more enjoyable for women.

2. Disrupt things – As people get older, it may take more time for men and women to be excited, so foreplay is very important.

This will build your sexual desire towards one another, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

3. Make it work for you – Sex must not be just a night out. You may have more energy in the morning, so it might be more useful.

4. Different positions – Being adventurous with sex can be worth it in older age.

Non-traditional attitudes can be less painful and easier to perform, especially if you suffer from back pain, arthritis or other medical conditions.

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5. Prevention / treatment of erectile dysfunction – The situation affects nearly half of all men aged 40-70 years to a certain degree.

Quitting smoking, drinking alcohol, improving diet and active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of erectile function.

And if it's continuous, there are numerous treatments that can help, such as viagra.

6. Protection against sexually transmitted infections (SPI)– While the postmenopausal woman is unable to remain pregnant, there is still a risk of contracting SPI.

This was previously known as STD (sexually transmitted disease).

To avoid contracting the SPI, it is best to use a condom.

It is important to remember that condoms are made of latex and can only be used with lubricants based on water.

Oil-based lubricants, for example vaseline, can break down the latex that can lead to the collapse of the condom.

Learn more about STI on the AXA PPP health care website.

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