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The menus on the touch screen at McDonald's UK are so fast, the tests found traces of human flesh on them

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A recent investigation by Metro UK journalist has found some disturbing evidence as samples are taken from new touchscreen machines that are found in eight McDonald's restaurants around the UK. This study was in collaboration with the London School of Humanities at the University of London Metropolitan.

After analyzing the samples, it was found that each selection of the touch screen had samples of coliforms – the types of bacteria found in human faeces.

Tests reveal traces of bacteria found in human faeces on menus with touch screen McDonald's - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Alpha Outpost

"We were all surprised at how many stomachs and faecal bacteria were on the touch screen machines, which causes the kind of infection people start in hospitals," said Dr Paul Matawele, a senior lecturer in microbiology at the London Metropolitan University.

Another bacterium found in the nipples called Proteus was also found in three quarters of the screens that were examined. Professor of Microbiology has added,

"Proteus can be found in human and animal faeces, and it is also widespread in the soil, which can cause urinary tract infections and is also one of the infections in a hospital where it can be responsible for septicemia (blood poisoning)."

One branch in the UK has even found that it has staphylococci, highly infectious bacteria that can cause toxic shock syndrome.

Tests reveal traces of bacteria found in human faeces on McDonald's touchscreen menus - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Business Insider

"It starts around the human noses, if they touch their nostrils with their fingers and then transfer them to the touch screen, someone else will get it, and if they have an open passage into which they are starting, then it can be dangerous," Dr Matawela continued. .

"There is a lot of worry at the moment when staphylococcus becomes antibiotic-resistant, but it's still really dangerous in places like Africa where it can cause toxic shock."

Listeria bacteria are also found on some of these touch screen menus, a type of bacteria known to cause listeriosis that can lead to stillbirth and abortion in pregnant women.

While McDonald's staff cleaned their menus with a touch screen with a disinfectant, the professor of microbiology said it was probably not enough to completely remove all the bacteria on the screen. He continued,

"The touch-sensitive technology is becoming more and more used in everyday life, but these results show that people should not eat food right after touching, they are unhygienic and can spread disease."

"Someone can be very careful about their own hygiene throughout the day, but everything could be canceled using a touch screen."

Tests find traces of bacteria found in human faeces on the menu of the Touchscreen menu - WORLD BASE 3

Source: Neirad

Nevertheless, many studies show that the glasses on our smartphones are in colors for millions of pathogens and bacteria. In fact, a recent study found more than 17,000 copies of bacterial gene on high school phones. The second study also concluded that our smartphones carry 10 times more bacteria than what is commonly found on toilet seats!

Read the entire Metro UK report here.

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