Monday , June 21 2021

Amazon has launched a new block building service

The tech giant, Amazon, is launching a blockchain service to help clients build blockbases without creating the cost of creating their own platform.

Released Wednesday at Amazon's re: Invent Conference, the Amazon Managed Blockchain Platform is a fully-managed service that facilitates the creation and management of scalable block networks. " Users can build platforms using Hyperledger Fabric or ethereum, although this is not yet available.

The new platform is another aspect of Amazon Web Services, Amazon's cloud computing subsidiary that manages a number of websites and services, including platforms such as Netflix.

"Amazon Managed Blockchain eliminates the costs involved in creating a network and is automatically evaluated for the needs of thousands of applications where millions of transactions are being launched," the service site said, adding that the platform will "automatically scale" as much as needed for the work of thousands of applications run millions of transactions. "

Next, the company announced that the blockchain platform can store data on another database product, saying:

"Managed Blockchain can copy an unchanged copy of your blockchain network activity to the Amazon Quantum Ledger (QLDB) database, a fully managed database, which allows you to easily analyze network activities offline and gain insights into trends."

QLDB is not a platform for blockchain, but can be used along with Amazon's blockchain product to "maintain a complete and verified history of data changes".

The service is currently under review, which means that interested parties can apply. If approved, they will be able to create a network of blocked networks, where they can invite other members of the Amazon web service or "create more members in your account to simulate a multi-member network" in accordance with the FAQ section.

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