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Death of Emily Hartridge: star of YouTube identified as the first person in the UK killed e-scooter riding

A woman killed by an electric scooter that collided with a truck in the southwest of London was identified as Youtuber and Channel 4 Emily Hartridge.

The 35-year-old, who filmed a video on the Internet under the name of Emily Hart, died on the scene shortly after 8:30 on Friday after an incident at Queen's Circus Circuit in Battersea.

It is believed that Hartridge was the first to die in the UK in an incident involving an e-scooter. The mode of transport, which can reach speeds of more than 30 km / h, is forbidden from paving and roads in the UK and has already been involved in fatalities in countries, including the United States, Sweden and France.

At the moment there are ongoing revisions of legislation that will consider the legalization of the use of e-scooters in public spaces.

Youtuber began filing roles on the site in 2012, sharing videos every Monday and collecting more than 345,000 subscribers with her carefree download of love and life, as well as regular series of "10 Reasons Why". In addition to its self-published work, Hartridge is also shown on Channel 4 on shows including "Oh S ** t I'm 30!".

She was to host a mental health meeting for women in London's Green Park on Saturday afternoon, called Brain Buddies, which prompted her family to address fans through social media channels before the event.

In a statement posted on her Instagram account, her family said: "This is a terrible thing to say through Instagram, but we know that many of you were expecting to see Emily today and it's the only way to contact all of you at once. .

"Emily was in an accident yesterday and she died. We all adored her, and she will never be forgotten. She touched so many lives that it was hard to imagine her without her. She was a very special person. "

On the eve of her death, Hartridge discovered that she is trying to have children with her partner Jacob Hazell, telling her followers to undergo hormonal therapy "hoping to freeze some embryos".

In a post that was shared four days before her death, she added: "Yesterday I was hanging out with my beautiful nephew Arl and the niece of Winter. We hugged, smiled, played, Arlo called me a fat pig

"It was so much needed distraction from the hormonal / tired / inflamed / emotional state I'm in at the moment.

"Who knows, one day I hope to have one of my own."

Davina McCall honored the 35-year-old on Instagram: "My heart goes to the Emily family and friends. Such a shock. I send you love and prayers. "Cook and food writer Gizzi Erskine added:" Finding this is very difficult to calculate. Devastating ".

A London comedian from Hughes wrote on Twitter: "My whole day was blocked by a police band due to an incident on the road, I passed the scene and thought that I was hoping that the person was OK … it turned out that the person was not right. a friend is dead and now I feel completely ill.

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