Friday , March 5 2021

Google's Verily works to get rid of mosquitoes

Google's parent company Alphabet has a division of life sciences aimed at forcing massive extinction of mosquitoes. In California, in the city of Fresno, researchers are refining and installing free sterilized mosquitoes that could help wipe out more populations, according to a new Bloomberg report on early testing of the program.

Like the buzzing of a mournful fly, it's a title that is hard to ignore, if only because it looks so strange. And surely, mosquitoes are boring. But this is not excessive. Insects for bleeding are a public health problem as pests borne by diseases that spread the infection responsible for spreading serious and sometimes deadly diseases such as the Zika virus, malaria and the dengue virus.

The alphabet has been moving to health and life science for some time, considering wearing partnerships with companies like Fitbit, but also with Verily, who rebranded from the moon to the full split within the alphabet, when Google divided more departments its 2015 rebranding.

There is still at least one unknown in this plan: the exact role of mosquitoes in the global ecosystem. This is not a subject that has ever been studied sufficiently in detail. But one thing that no one will miss, in addition to those who are exhausted, is a threat to a global epidemic that is transmitted to mosquitoes. We can do without them.

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