Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Israel has been legitimately criticized, but there is a line"

Arouss Sheva At the annual conference of the European Jewish Association in Brussels (EJA), he spoke with Coordinator of the European Parliament's Anti-Racism and Anti-Diversity Group, Alfidaz Vayya.

"We have come together to combat racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance. This includes anti-Semitism, hatred against Muslims, and so on, Via explained.

He acknowledged the presence of anti-Semitism in the European Parliament, as "the members of the European Parliament have a high proportion of the far-right rights that are involved in anti-Semitic rhetoric."

Via expressed her concern about the use of anti-Semitism and the use of positive and populist parties by the Jews to try to vote for them.

"We try to show that far-off right is not anti-Semitic because it seeks to play with the Jewish community's feelings, saying," We have a common concern that is Islamists or radicals of a certain sort and we must gather together. " Hence, the Jewish community supports populist or extremist parties. But this is not just the Jewish community. We see it with other marginalized communities, "he said.

"In Europe, we must understand that there is a problem with radicalization. This is reflected in the attacks on Jews, Jews and Jewish symbols in Europe, "continued Via.

According to him, the way to combat this radicalization is to understand the fracture line between the Israeli criticism and anti-Semitism.

"Israel has been legitimately criticized, but there is a line. If you cross this line, it will be anti-Semitic. We need to educate different communities about their roles and responsibilities in society, as well as the balances and pathways that are anti-Semitic and legitimate. "

"We are ready to protect the Jewish community and ensure their security. That means we can get extremism and extremism from people who are classified as Islamists or immigrants, "Via said.

He also noted that most Muslim migrants understand religious books and literature, which are collected by Muslims, Christians and Jews.

"I see that Muslims and Jewish communities, Christian communities and unbelievers are doing well at community level. But in our society, there is a small percentage of those who are trying to break the faith and create a conflict, and they should direct us to the goal, "Via concluded.

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