Saturday , July 24 2021

A priest against migrants. Bishop, questionable – Last hour

(ANSA) – ROME, Aug 17 – Preaches shock priests throughout
celebrations for the San Rocco holiday. Pastor of Sora,
A frustrated city, Don Donato Piacentini, attacked
against migrants and those who help them. "They go to save people
who have cell phones or necklaces and chains around their necks and who say
to arise from persecution. But what persecution? Let us go
around, we look at our city, our homeland. we are watching
people in the neighborhood who need and as far as I know,
there is so much, so much tide, that you are ashamed of yourself
state of life. "Words have been met with disputes, but
also from some applause.

Bishop Sora Msgr. Gerardo Antonazzo, he quit
his priest. The diocese, in an official statement, is speaking
of "dubious personal choices" while the bishop has
in his sermon he emphasized that “one of the foundations
the basic "gospel" is the choice of "before others"
thereby reiterating the dedication, to Caritas, of hospitality