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Annio Fantastini was taken to Policlinico di Napoli hospital with intensive care

Known actor Ennio Fantastic he was admitted to the "Psychicio-Napoli" pneumonia. The hospitalization was late last night. The reanimation unit is located in the company Federico II University Hospital. At the moment, he is free to avoid any intubation, breathing individually. His condition is stable and should be a serious threat to his life.

Intensive therapy

Even though the fantasy was not life-threatening, doctors accompanying him decided to send him back to the resuscitation. The Professor Giuseppe Sergio, A member of a medical team after Annie Fancasticci did not comment on the actor's predictions.

The only thing [VIDEO] Although it is significant that pneumonia is serious, we say that it does not endanger life.


Annio Fantascii was born 63 years ago in the city of Galles in Viterbo, leaving behind a film and TV career. It has more than 70 roles behind movies and compositions. The actor is the second son of the caretaker, and in 1975 he moved to Rome and started learning the acting skills.National Academy of Dramatic Arts. At the age of 15, he took the debut in the theater of Samuel Bette, and his debut in 1982,All day long«. A few years later, he took part in a casting called "I was unknown 20 years later." However, the true success & # 39;Open doors& # 39; Fantastichini played Tommaso Scalia & # 39;Witnessand again,Anti-Mafia Band – Boss Return«.

In the movie Annio Sabrina Ferile "Vacations in August«. Among the films he plays on the big screen, and we have both Saturno contro and Mine vaganti together with Ferzan Ozpekek, Marco Rice's Fortapasc, Claudio Amenola's La mossa del pinguino and La musica del silenzio wrote Michael Radford. The TV explained The role of Giovanni Falkon Paolo Borsellino in small shops. His last appearance is in the fantasy of Fabrizio De André – Principe Libero, where he played the role of genocide singer Giuseppe De Andre.

Among his awards [VIDEO] available Silver tape Both in 1991 and 2010 as both good actors and both David D. Donatello She has many nominations for two film awards.

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